WIP Wednesday….


I’m feeling very virtuous this week because I’ve made great progress on my WIPs for a change.
Which is probably just as well because I’m this close to starting 2 new projects….
The fabric for them is already picked out and cluttering up my office but I’m not going to count that as a start heheheh because I’m determined to finish at least 1 long term project before I begin anything else.

So this is me, officially being determined…
(and shock horror I actually think it’s working! 😉 )

Last week if you recall, Hannah & started work on my cheeky blocks together. First we added more logs to those that needed to be a little bigger, then we basted all the blocks we had onto batting & cut them up all ready to be quilted.

This week I’ve been quilting them.
I managed to get 19 done last Thursday night when my friend Bec came over to sew. Then I’ve been slowly chipping away at the rest over the week. It’s pretty monotonous work I have to say so definitely a great job to do with a friend over!
Today in determination I made the final push and now I’ve officially quilted & trimmed down to size 34 of them:

More cheeky work....

I decided to straight line quilt them in the end.
Now while I would have densely straight line quilt them in a spiral out from the middle, mimicking the log cabin shapes, I knew that I would be far too lazy and give up half way through after a few blocks…
So I went for the easiest option that I could think of & decided to quilt half the blocks using vertical straight lines & the other half using horizontal straight lines.

These lines are intentionally “organic”. That means not evenly spaced, not perfectly straight, and basically just however I pleased.
In the final layout I will lay them out like a checker board – one with vertical lines, one with horizontal lines, one with vertical, one with …. I think you get the picture.
No line matching!


To give you an idea of how they are looking together so far, here are approx half of them all laid out:

half of them laid out

These are only all the ones with vertically quilted lines so don’t panic if you don’t see yours there – it was just the luck of the draw as to which got into the photo 🙂

I am in LOVE with them and I am getting excited to be so close to finishing!

This week I also received 5 fantastic new cheeky blocks:

latest 5 cheeky blocks

In top left – bottom right order they made & sent by:
Caroline one of my Goodie swap partners, Local bloggy friend Bron, Local friend Bec, Allie from my Sew & Bee-Happy Bee, & local bloggy friend Tammi.

Thank you so much ladies, they are all awesome!!!!!!!!
I am yet to quilt these 5 – they will go in the next batch.

So that brings my total to 34 blocks all quilted & ready to piece together & 39 blocks on hand in total.
Only 10 more to go – wooooo hoooooo!!!!!!
(some of which I know are on the way)

I’ve also received 4 more blocks for my quilt for my lounge that my Sew Aussie bee girls are helping me make. A big thank you to Alissa & Claire for these blocks!

most recent Sew Aussie blocks together

I’m continuing to love this quilt too! Just two more bee blocks to receive & two more to make myself and I can sew these together.

And last but not least I have actually got out my wonky house blocks from my Sew & Bee-Happy girls and experimented with layouts. So far this is what I’ve settled on so far:

Playing with layouts finally...

Sorry about the terrible photo but hopefully you get the idea.
Basically my aim is that it will be a playmat for my girls and I’m making the back into an eye-spy quilt.

-The house in the middle is the one that I made and is based on our house. That’s Abbie in one window & Hannah in the other.
Then around that I’m going to do a road with a letter box for each of the other houses (teaching them numbers).

In the 1 of the bare 4 corners I will do a park and in another I will do a beach. The other 2 will probably just have trees in because who am I kidding – I do actually want to finish this before they’re 21 (supposedly before Christmas even!) ;).

So guess which project is next on the to-do list. Expect to see a lot more of it in the next couple of weeks as I bravely try and get on with it.

No completed projects this week sadly. Got a bit distracted by all the clothes sewing and have been working on the huge ones.
But also no new projects started (despite the temptations or new fabric & a daughter demanding making her requests strongly known !!!!!!!!) so that’s progress in itself.

In which case my stats this week are:

Completed projects – 0
Long term WIPs-  3
Short term must-be-done-soon list – 2

             Blankets of love x 5 to baste, quilt & bind 
             Bee blocks for November x 2

Oh and then there’re the Christmas presents I need to make.

More WIP reports here…


  1. Wow!!! Where to start commenting?! LOVE love love the way the cheeky quilt is coming together, its going to look AMAZING!
    The house blocks are soooo cute and the Sew Aussie bee are gorgeous.
    I love coming to your block and seeing all the pretty things 🙂

  2. Way to go on the cheeky blocks, they all look great together! I’m glad you decided to stick with the alternating straight line stitching, it’s going to look fantastic.

    That house quilt/play mat is going to be adorable!

  3. Your cheeky quilt and bee quilt are both going to be beautiful! Really, really beautiful. And the house quilt is going to be good fun – I love all the additional details you are planning.

  4. Does it make me a saddo if I saw the cheeky quilt photo and jumped up and down (in my head) saying “I see mine, I see mine!”. Yep, I think it does! :oD

  5. Just came across your blog through Lee at WIP. I love your Auusie Sew blocks. Those are amazing. I get a big smile on my face just looking at them. Is there a pattern? I would love to use my scraps and make one for myself. Any info would be so appreciated.


  6. All of the blocks look very nice.
    I like to stick to simple, but one of the gal’s at church is determined to teach me more.
    I’m going to be her guest Monday morning at the quilting guild. I can’t wait to see what it’s all about.

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