About me

The Flutter Family

Hi There! I am Kat.”

Welcome to the Diary of my Life!

This is my little space to share my life as a Wife, Mother, Sewer, Quilter, Designer, Renovator and Small Business Owner.

I live in the very beautiful Wellington, New Zealand.

A little bit of history…

I have been blogging since just before I had my second daughter back in 2010. Originally I started blogging to share my quilts, as I had just learned to sew, mostly through following blogs. Over time this space has evolved as I’ve learned more, branched out from only quilting into more general sewing, started my handmade business and shared more personal stuff too. Now I like to think about this space as my online diary. A little bit of everything…

I am almost completely self taught at quilting, sewing and computers. So my way is often not the “proper” way, but I love it regardless and “my” way it works for me.

I feel like I owe the online blog world so much for everything I’ve learnt, which is why I like to share that knowledge with you here.

Thank you for joining me as I share this journey, I love having you as part of it!

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