Tuesday Tidbits…


    **  It’s quiet here tonight…
    So, sooooo quiet!!

    **  I am struggling to get used to Neil being away and parenting solo again, while not feeling very well myself and a lot going on regardless, so it’s been an overwhelming few days…

    ** We also had some delays come up with getting Neil’s work visa and if that doesn’t come through on time then it will impact on all of our plans…

    **  So I started to have a little wobble and panic – “oh my goodness, are we doing the right thing by moving??!!” etc etc… I guess it was always inevitable that would happen sometime.

    **  However, then I found out that my Dad was in hospital for a few days over Easter. My parents didn’t tell me at the time because we had guests staying and there wasn’t anything I could do, but it was a big reminder to me of why I want to be closer to them!!

    **  Today I came home from doing the groceries to a surprise parcel from Mr Flutter…

    The last few days have been a struggle both mentally and physically getting used to Mr Flutter being away and I haven't been well. So to come home from groceries to this gave me about the first real smile of the day. #mymansakeeper and #Imisshimsomuch !!

    **  It gave me my first real smile of the day and cheered me up no end.

    **  Then I had a kind friend come over, lend a hand with moving some stuff around, and let me vent to her…

    **  It’s amazing the result that two people’s simple acts of kindness had on my mindset and I’m feeling so much better equipped to cope with everything coming up.

    **  I still haven’t worked on my quilt that I want to finish before I leave here. And if I’m going to get that long armed by my wonderful friend Jeannette like I’d planned then I really better get a move on.
    I did get as far as taking it out to show my Mother-in-law and placing it next to my sewing machine, but something tells me that’s not quite enough 😉

    **  I have got something to show for myself this week though;

    Hello crochet... It's been a while!!

    **  I decided that since it is “Autumn” I would drag out my granny square blanket that I started last year, and last night I finished off a block again.

    **  Only it’s not feeling very cool & Autumnal since the weather temps have spiked back up to the late 30’s again.

    **  The girls are dying to wear the new flannelette pyjama’s they got for Easter and I’m dying for a change of menu from Summer food, but at the same time I’m enjoying the warm weather while we have it because I know I’ll miss it once we move!

    Ok time to go do another granny square before I fall asleep
    Catcha soon


    1. You have so much going on for you at the moment that it’s no wonder you are feeling overwhelmed. Just keep taking things one step at a time and you will eventually get there.
      Glad I was able to help cheer you up the other day 🙂

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