“A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013″…

    Hannah: I love this action shot of her dancing happily at a friends 40th birthday last night. She always lets herself go with full abandon when she dances. I admire that.
    Up until the dancing part of the entertainment, she hadn’t been that fond of it.

    Abbie:  “I don’t like that (clown) Mummy. He frights me…” then a bit later “I scared (of) him Mummy”…
    During the entire hour the clown came to entertain the children at the party, Abbie clung to me. Still watching curiously, but tensing up and clinging tighter to me every time he came close. 

    He was loud. She doesn’t like loud & sudden. Loud sudden noises are one of her few fears for a otherwise fearless girl, so to capture this vulnerable moment was special.

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    1. Zaki is completely the same about clowns – they scare the bejeepers out of him! I lovethe portraits and this is a great idea – I’m going to try and join in!

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