Saturday Snippets…


    To say I have been lazy at blogging this week is rather an understatement!
    It has been the last week of school holidays so we have been busy filling our days with fun.
    Plus I’ve had a cold which has made me more tired & lazy than usual.

    So here is our week via random snippets…

    **  I had to go into Spotlight on Monday to pick up supplies to make hair pieces for a friend’s wedding.
    Needless to say but I could not manage to come out without fabric…

    First fabric buys in ages

    **  I have been doing some sewing this week but unfortunately it’s mostly all things I can’t (yet) show you.
    Here are a few things I can…

    Scrappy selvedge key fobb for my Mouthy Stitches Swap partner…

    All ready to mail

    Christmas present for a friend for an Advent Calendar Swap we have privately arranged…

    A sneak peak of my latest project

    **  Hannah proudly finished her first “sewing” project. She is thrilled with it and keeps asking to make more.
    Next we will make the great project that my bloggy friend Jamie-Lee kindly sent for Hannah.

    Hannah's first sewing project all finished

    **  It appears it’s been a week of firsts for Miss Hannah because as well as this first sewing project she also had her very first friend to sleep over & disco.

    **  I never thought I’d be sending her to a disco at 4 – but it was run by her dancing centre and aimed at 4-6 year olds. Needless to say that she had a ball!!

    **  Abbie is also a budding passionate wee dancer so we’ve decided to start her in ballet this term. She looks so cute in her first ballet uniform don’t you think…

    Miss A's first ballerina uniform. Talk about 2 bruise covered sets of legs sheesh!

    **  This week I also took her to see her first movie. Hard to believe that my first 3D movie (yes I don’t get out much) is Abbie’s first movie full stop. Oh how times have changed from when I was a kid!!

    Guess what we're about to do.... Abbie's first movie :D
    Madagascar 3. The glasses lasted for half the movie and she sat still for about 60% of it so not a bad effort I thought.

    **  Weve been thrifting a few times recently. My best find was this awesome bike for Hannah for $10. Bargain!! Another thing swiped off the Christmas want list.

    Great New bike for Hannah for $10 from salvation army. Live thrifted bargains!

    **  Move over Hadley & Susan because I actually won a giveaway Woot Woot. Thanks so much Laura-Jane for sending me this cool advent calendar!!

    I won a giveaway

    **  Spring has well and truly sprung and the weather has (mostly) been very warm the last week. So we have been enjoying breaking out the summer wardrobes again & spending time at the park in the sun…

    Love these two cuties!

    **  Today I put on my super mum cape, scrubbed my house from top to bottom and caught up on all the washing. Right now am enjoying the reward of a tidy house, glass of wine, and impending tv night.

    **  But don’t be too jealous because while my house is clean & we’ve all got fresh sheets, I’m staring at 5 loads of washing across the room from me that still all needs folding & putting away.

    And that’s our week in a nutshell.
    Hope yours has been just as pleasant.


    1. Your spring is looking lovely, we had our first bit of snowflakes this week. I love Hannah’s project and I look forward to seeing what she makes next. I hope your cold disappears.

    2. Congratulations on the win! Watch out for this dancing lark, all 3 of mine did it my son started at 3 yrs old and is still Tapping at 25… so it can go on a looong time! and I am still doing costumes even when none of mine are involved.

      Secret tip, DON’T tell the teacher you can sew!

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