Tuesday Tidbits…


    **  I’m still here.

    **  Two weeks ago, after Abbie became well, and especially last week after her ENT specialist & paediatric specialist both gave her the all clear for now, my body & mind decided to breathe a big sigh of relief and go on a little holiday.

    **  After 3 months of constantly being strong & stretched to capacity, I had really started to feel the burn…

    **  Nothing overly serious – the exhaustion all just caught up with me and I just needed a week or 2 of taking it easy & actually sleeping for a change!

    **  So I have been doing just that & it’s been great…. 
    Think doing as little as possible,
    reading as many books in bed as I can (I think 10+),
    generally trying to relax
    and catching up on copious amounts of sleep….

    **  We have also been tentatively breaking our isolation at times and catching up with our friends again.

    **  Although we are nowhere near back to full term schedule yet – the emphasis remains very much on giving Abbie’s immune system a chance to build up strength again for a little longer, before she has the chance to catch any more bugs.

    {Photographic evidence would suggest that our rainbow starburst picnic quilt has had quite a work out this last week…}

    A friends birthday party on the weekend

    Picnic dinner at the park last night (dodging rain drops)

    **  The break from “the norm” has kind of been like the holiday I really need, only with the playing single Mum, trying to keep my children from killing each other {now that Abbie has energy to fight with her sister again}, and attempting to keep my house in some sort of order bits thrown in.

    **  Oh and of course all Neil’s job stuff & decisions that all entails still going on in the background…

    **  So in other words, not really a holiday at all.

    **  Mini break perhaps?
    Although that’s still pushing it.

    ** However the great news is that Mr Flutter will be home in only 1 more sleep. YAY.
    It’s been a r.e.a.l.l.y long 4 weeks without him this time so we can’t wait!

    **  As it happens he will have a few weeks off too, because the contract he’s on is coming to an end and they don’t need him back (that’s a nice way of saying he’s most likely being made redundant from this contract).

    **  Because he so rarely gets much time off in a row, and because we haven’t had a family holiday since last June we have decided to book a holiday to Brisbane (Eastern Australia) soon to see my Brother & his wife & meet my new baby niece.

    (4 1/2 hours by plane)

    **  I’m so excited!

    **  It’s probably not the most sensible time to take a holiday given Mr Flutter’s uncertain employment situation, but we have faith that he won’t be without work for long and it’s otherwise great timing.

    **  We have been wanting to explore Brisbane for a long while, and see if we could see ourselves living there… Because while we absolutely love living in Perth it is SOOOO far away from all of our family (or anything for that matter!) and part of us wants to move somewhere a bit more accessible.

    **  So it will be nice to hopefully have some closure on that idea one way or the other.

    **  And that’s what’s been going on with us.

    **  Not much sewing or craft, but with Mr Flutter arriving tomorrow that will hopefully all change…
    Or not.
    We’ll see 🙂


    1. I’ve been wondering how Abbie and the rest of you have been over the last couple of weeks. I’m so glad things are getting back to normal. I mean, wee girls fighting is *totally* normal – or at least it was to me! :oD

      Enjoy your hubby (mmm, does that sound rude?) and have a great holiday!

    2. Yea! The tide is changing! I can nearly hear your spirits lifting and I’m so glad!

      Tell us more about your 10 books…any you’d recommend?

    3. So glad Abbie is ready to fight with her sister again! That is a great sign!
      And to get hubby home, that at least divides the responsibility for seeing they do not actually murder each other!
      Have a great holiday.


    4. I’m so happy to hear Abbie is finally over the hump and that you’ve had a bit of down time. That’s what I call it – not a holiday or a break really, but just time where you’re not going at top speed, so there is some rejuvenation happening. Have a great holiday with your family!

    5. I hope the vacation is lovely and that you get energized from having your husband and family around. Flying should be easier too now that the ears are fixed.

    6. Big Sigh of relief! I’m glad to hear you’ve had a bit of a chance to catch up with yourself. 😀

      When I was in Australia visiting my sister & BIL, we spent a little time in Brisbane. If you have a chance, I’d recommend the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary (http://www.koala.net/). It was wonderful, lots of great animals & birds – I even got my picture taken holding a koala! I also loved going on the Kookaburra River Queen lunch cruise (http://www.kookaburrariverqueens.com/), although I don’t know if the kiddos would like it so much.
      In any case, have a lovely holiday with Mr. Flutter & the fam!

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