Tuesday Tidbits…


**  Aaaaaarrrrhhhhh CHOO…

**  Excuse me…
… The girls have been kind enough to share their head cold with me & now I have the sneezes…

**  So we’ve been having a quiet few days around here…

**  Poor Abbie has had yet another bad ear infection as well, so sleep has been a short commodity.

**  So today I have been inside preparing my tax return & business accounts for the accountant.

**  A head cold & a day crunching numbers all day – gosh I bet you wish you were me right now 😉

**  Oh did I mention that the girls were in a foul mood all day as well?

**  So it wasn’t the best day we’ve had…

**  Especially when I discovered first thing this morning that Hannah had decided to “decorate” one of my favourite pieces of furniture with her writing…

**  Hannah is just loving learning to read & write…

**  I love that she is loving learning to read & write too! –  But I do not love that she decided to write on my nice TV cabinet with her writing 🙁

**  What a loooong day.

**  I also had to cancel some dinner plans with good friends because I wasn’t feeling well enough to go out 🙁

**  Then bedtime arrived.

**  {insert sigh of relief}

**  It was especially more welcome than it usually is even!…

**  I had a friend who I hadn’t seen in ages pop around to visit me & that was really lovely to catch up!

**  We sat on my bed in our pyjama’s and chatted breathlessly away as only good friends can do.

**  Then quite unexpectedly I had another friend ring me during the evening to ask if I needed anything from the food market.

**  I did. So she very kindly blessed me with some bananas & milk!

**  And when her & her Mum came around to drop them off it made the best impromptu girls chat you ever could have!!

**  So my horrible day couldn’t have ended better…

**  I am so thankful that I have such awesome friends.

**  I pray tonight that where ever you are that you can know the blessing of such friends also 🙂


  1. sorry you’re feeling under the weather.crayon will come off wood. First, try cleaning with Murphy’s Oil Soap. This should remove the crayon without harming the finish. If not, try mineral spirits, which should also be safe on the finish. WD-40 or Avon Skin-So-Soft should also work, but test on a non-visible area first. If all else fails, try applying a little heat from a hair dryer to soften the crayon, then blot with paper towels.

  2. So pleased your day ended well. Wish I could drop by for chats and tea, and generally set the world (our children) to rights.

  3. Hope you feel better soon! They have magic eraser sponges to get rid of things off furniture.
    Great that your friends dropped in to visit you =D

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