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    Thanks for your love & concern about our storm on Tuesday!
    I am so pleased to say that it was all a bit of an anticlimax. Phew.
    Yes the rain came down & the wind blew hard, but nothing compared to Sunday’s mayhem.
    Thank goodness indeed!

    I’m still feeling sleep deprived and barely with it, but my day did go well today regardless.
    The last 2 mornings we’ve braved the rain & cold and gone to MOPS & Playgroup.
    It was nice to be back in routine, even though it was an effort to make myself go in the jetlagged haze I’m in.

    This afternoon I snuggled on the couch with Hannah & sewed in the ends of my finished granny squares. That’s about the only crafty endeavour I’ve had the enthusiasm for in days!

    I’ve finished 9 so far & I’m soooo happy with them…

    9 down, 27 to go...

    Someone else is very happy with them too as you can see – I could barely keep her hands off them long enough to take a photo!!

    Even though I’ve finished 9 and they are pretty huge, I estimate that I only need 27 more.
    Could be a while then!

    Than later this afternoon we baked…

    A spot of afternoon baking...

    Yesterday I asked my Mum for the chocolate square recipe she used to make when we were kids because I thought my girls would love it too. So today we gave it a go.
    Only thing was – it was written in imperial measure and I am only familiar with measuring in metric, so it turned out to be the BIGGEST recipe in the history of the world by the time we’d finished.
    I started to realise after a few measurements that they were a little on the extreme side, but oh well.

    To put it into perspective – I’d purchased a slice tin especially…
    At standard size it was way too small and I ended up using my roasting pan LOL
    I guess my Mum was feeding 4 kids (3 of whom were hungry boys!).

    Never the less it tastes great & just how I remember it…

    That’s approx 1/4 of the chocolate slice by the way and it’s 2 layers deep…

    We also made some gingerbread men too.
    Hannah was pretty proud of them…

    Proudly showing one of her gingerbread men...
    So all in all it was a pretty productive day.
    I blame the sudden surge of motivation this afternoon on the fact of my besties texted to say that she was definitely coming over in November (with her baby) for my birthday. 
    That made my week!
    We are turning a significant number this year so it will be SO cool to celebrate together!!
     If you’ve emailed me recently then I’m not ignoring you specifically, just my inbox as a whole… Sorry! I will be trying to catch up on some emails tonight.


    1. That chocolate stuff looks delish. Care to share the recipe? … that way all the calories are shared! :oD

      Please don’t feel that you need to e-mail a reply to my comments. Honestly, when you’ve no time, that, to me, is the thing that gets left undone.

    2. So great that you’ve braved the storm!
      Cooking is always fun no matter what you make. The brownies and gingerbread men look delicious! =D

    3. Thank you so much for making it to playgroup, I really appreciated your help with my application 🙂
      The baking looks fab – feel free to bring some of it along next Thursday! xx

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