Tuesday Tidbits…


    **  I mentioned a while ago that I’ve recently purchased a new trailer for my bike, so that I can bike Hannah to school (it’s a little bit too far for her to ride her bike but not far enough to justify driving).
    As requested here is an “action shot”…

    **  Here we are having our first spin…

    **  Sorry, that’s as good as you’re getting. I’m deleting the close ups. They were not flattering!

    **  My baking/cooking streak has been continuing much longer than I predicted.
    …Probably helped by the fact Mr Flutter is home and I have another adult to feed.
    Recently we’ve had really tasty vegetarian “Shepherd’s pie” (made with lentils not meat), cupcakes, biscuits, mini quiches, and lots more.
    For some reason I only took photos of the unhealthy dishes… LOL

    Mmmmm Cupcakes...

    Mini Quiches for the Perth Modern Quilt Guild meeting...

    **  What has surprised me the most is that Hannah has been eating better on our new “mum-cooked & whole food” diet. I can’t tell you how satisfying that is because in the past she’s hated everything new and it’s been pain pain painful! getting her to eat vegetables etc…
    I’m hoping her willingness to try and eat new foods is here to stay and not just the short term result of a growth spurt or something!

    **  I have to say though that my productivity in the sewing room has gone down significantly!

    **  To be honest I’m quite happy with having a break from as much sewing!!  Enjoying it immensely I must admit. I think I might take a few slower months over the winter before I gear back up for summer sewing and markets again.

    ** On Sunday evening I had the privilege of going to my first Perth Modern Quilt Guild Evening…

    **  It was my first time meeting the other 6 ladies (Laura, Laura, Jodie, Bev, McKenna and Tracy) and also the first time ever I’ve actually been to a modern quilt group. It’s hard for me to get out to those kinds of things.

    **  We had an awesome evening of eating and drinking. You can see all the pics here in the slide show that the talented McKenna put together. (*warning* this link contains music so don’t follow if you’re not in a suitable place to have music playing)

    ** I’d usually show a photo right about now I only took my phone and they all turned out rubbish.

    **  We are enjoying another day at home today. I love winter. Allows me to feel justified in taking it a bit slower…

    **  More sewing tomorrow…


    1. Look at you, rocking that bike!

      I would have LOVED to hit the Perth MQG meeting with you. That would be so much fun!

    2. The trailer is a great idea, we are thinking of getting one for our little ones 🙂 Glad you managed to get out to the Modern Quilt Guild. There isn’t one where I live, but I am considering setting one up in the future, one of the many things in life I would like to do! PS great baking, yum!

    3. The trailer reminds me of one of those rick-shaws! If I come visit can I get a ride too?
      The food sounds delicious! Great that your daughter is eating more vegetables! =D

    4. Im sure the other pictures weren’t as unflattering as you thought they were Kat. You’re gorgeous.

      That’s one very cool trailer.

      Love those cupcakes and the mini quiches look pretty darn tasty too!

    5. oops bit behind! love your enthusiasm for cycling and cooking – though that leaves me on my own then!

      Please tell what classes you got on at FQ!

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