Sunday Snippet…

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    I SO needed this today.
    It’s been one of ** those ** days…
    The kind you wish you could have skipped over…

    … I’ve struggled with a borderline migraine and stomach pains (you know – the monthly kind…) since yesterday lunch time.
    Had to leave church early this morning because of it.
    Within 10 minutes of getting home (and 1 minute into lying down) Abbie proceeded in falling into the dining table and chipping her front tooth.
    She was and is absolutely fine – the damage is purely cosmetic.
    I however are still getting over the trauma and am pretty gutted!
    However, on another subject regarding her health, upon taking her to the doctor to get her checked over today he tells me that her test results from last week confirm that she had/has giardia.
    I have no idea how on earth she got that (although I have my suspicions) but it didn’t make me feel like a very good mother.
    I then come home and later get to clean up yet.another #3.
    If you don’t know what that is then trust me you don’t want to know!!
    We have had FAR too many of those incidents recently – many of which involved carpet.
    (See up a few points about the giardia).
    Then there’s the 3 year old attitude on steroids.
    That is a whole other trial in itself…

    So today I am thankful…
    Thankful that my family has more good health than it does bad, and that recently has only been the exception not the rule!
    Especially thankful that Abbie’s damage was only cosmetic. It could have been a lot worse.
    Thankful that despite our occasional discord, we have each other as a family and that we are a family that really truly loves each other.
    I am thankful that even though I haven’t been able to enjoy my beautiful craft room {yet}, I am lucky enough to have it, and some time this week it will be used and enjoyed.
    I am thankful that my hard work is starting to pay off and my business is doing well.
    I am thankful that even though my husband has to go away again soon, that he has a job, a good one, and that he is here now.
    I am thankful that I have truly great friends!
    I am thankful that in 11 sleeps (yes we are counting down) I get to go home and see my family in NZ.
    I am especially thankful that all 4 of my longest and closest friends from school will all be coming together (from our international homes) to witness one friends wedding and snuggle the brand new baby of another. It is going to be the best girlfriend time EVER 😀

    And that totally made me feel better!
    There is power in being thankful for the good things and not dwelling in the bad!
    Thankful, thankful, thankful!


    1. Was just about to see if you guys were Ok…missed you this morning….hope the week chuggs along much better than today. See you soon x

    2. On those days when a million little annoyances have happened , Im glad you can still see the positives. We all need to do that more .

      Little P did the same thing last year and his outcome with the teeth was a lot lot worse. Glad Abbie is OK.

    3. Good for you to be able to dig through the irritations and find all that great stuff to be thankful for. Be thankful for the three year old attitude too, because it has nothing on the eleven year old attitude and I hear there is worse to come in the fourteen year old attitude. Oh yea!

    4. “…the 3 year old attitude on steroids” – oh Mumma, I TOTALLY hear you!
      Sorry to hear things have been a little rough this past week. Hang in there and hang strong and before you know it, you will be relaxing in this green, green homeland of ours, sipping on feijoa juice and munching on Vogels toast 🙂 xx

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