WIP Wednesday…


Well lookee here… 2 weeks in a row of WIP Wednesday reports AND I actually have something to report. Shocking behaviour!

Firstly, just on the rare chance you haven’t seen enough of my cheeky quilt progress, let me quickly show you the four new blocks I received for it this week:

This weeks cheeky blocks

Many many thanks to friends Bree for the top 2 blocks,  Jill for the bottom left block &  Ellie-Mae for the bottom right block. They are all awesome – thank you guys!! (or should that be girls 😉 )

That must take me to 43 blocks. Rapidly running out of slots & will be at that 49 now in no time because I know I have 5 more coming. So that just leaves 1 space I think? Time will tell. I’m looking good for having this finished by Christmas! YAY!

Ok so that was the good news.
Now the update on my total fall from grace…

So last week I proclaimed loud and clear that I was going to have will power and not start any new projects before I was finished these. Well HA what a joke!
Thursday morning rolled around, mere hours after publically stating that (with the best of intentions I might add) and what do I do but start my 2 new projects.
And start I sure did!…
Not just a half hearted slight start… oh no….
A full fledged get it finished in a week start!

So here’s what I achieved over the 3 days after I proclaimed I wasn’t going to:

Hannah's quilt front
Hannah’s Quilt top

Front of Abbie's quilt
Abbie’s quilt top


Then I decided that I liked these so SOOOOO much that I would splash out and get them long arm quilted. A first for me. So I contacted Heidi, a fellow Flickr’r and asked her to break me into the long arm world gently. She was ever so obliging and friendly… Thank you Heidi!

So there really wasn’t anything for it but to finish the backs yesterday & today…

Back for Hannah's quilt
The back for Hannah’s
Back for Abbie's quilt
The back for Abbie’s

I have to confess that it was hard to make the first cut into that lovely vintage sheet, but I think it’s turned out perfectly!

So these were both packaged off and sent by overnight delivery to Heidi this afternoon. Yay that! Only thing I will have to do now will be to bind them when they get back and then they will be all ready to be wrapped up for under the Christmas tree.

Now apparently, according to one very cheeky reader, making 2 quilts in a few days makes me an over-achiever and could potentially turn people off me. (Can you guess who that cheeky person is anyone?!)
But I say that the only thing that I’m over-achieving at is procrastinating working on what I was actually supposed to be working on!! 😉
{That would be *ahem* the wonky house quilt.}
Sadly that project has been relegated back into the “too hard” drawer and neglected all week.
Along with my housework. – The neglect of that probably deserves a special mention too! Haha.

Boy I can really procrastinate well when I want to!

I am also still avoiding thinking about the fact that it’s the 1st of December tomorrow and apart from my own children I have organised a big fat N.O.T.H.I.N.G. in the way of presents for other people.
I really better get on to that. I suppose!
Am I the only person left who hasn’t done anything, or am I in good company?

Perhaps this week I will procrastinate Christmas shopping and work on the wonky house quilt which was originally planned as the girls’ Christmas present. I guess we’ll see…

Anyway stats this week are:

Completed projects – 0
Long term WIPs-  3
Short term list:

             Blankets of love x 5 to baste, quilt & bind 
             Bee blocks for November x 2 (ummm…. oops – these were supposed to be sent by today. Bad bad bee Mama!)
             Girls quilts – done as much as I can do for now

It really feels like I should have more to tick off this week after all my hard work! But I guess that’s what I get for not working on the projects that are actually on my list! 😉

More WIP reports over here…


  1. Nothing wrong with making things that you love for those you love. I would call your week a huge success and not over achieving at all. Just sometimes you get stuck into something and it all falls into place nicely. Well done you. I also call ignoring housework a success too, but not everyone might be with me on that one!

  2. Your cheeky blocks are so fab. Love them.
    It’s no shame working on things not officially on the list. Follow what inspires you, makes you happy and good things will follow!

  3. How rude – who called you an over achiever? (snicker snicker )

    The quilts looks amazing and at this rate I think you may just break the record for quilt making. You are actually my hero. I’m living vicariously through you at the moment since I cant seem to get any quilts finished.

  4. The girls’ quilts are adorable! You may have started a new project you didn’t intend, but at least it’s not adding to your WIP list!

  5. The girls are going to love those quilts, they are really beautiful! I had an inkling as to who called you an over achiever, they don’t do too badly in that department themselves 😉 I am being an ostrich and pretending it is not December yet!

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