WIP Wednesday…


Smug… that’s what I was feeling this week…
Oh so smug!Β 
It was very short lived though – but I’ll explain why that was in a minute…
First lets start with why I was smug in the first place…

Progress on my Works in Progress (WIP) has been really good this week! I’ve really been trying to push through all the monotonous bits and just get them out of my hair. If nothing else because there’s no longer room in my drawers for them and they are taking up an entire desk!!
So for the sake of getting that desk space back it’s been a busy week!
{Not to mention the fact that they actually all need to get done}

So lets start with Β – my Cheeky quilt:

This week I received 3 more blocks:

Most recent Cheeky blocks

Thanks heaps to my local friend Debbie & Sarah from my Bits & Pieces bee for these lovely blocks πŸ™‚

I also had a mammoth basting & quilting session and have managed to get all the remaining cheeky blocks quilted, with the exception of Sarah’s which only arrived yesterday.

That leaves me with 46 in hand, 44 of which are all quilted and ready to sew together.
Yeah baby – SO close to finishing!!

46 cheeky blocks down - 3 to go :)

Only 3 more blocks are required.
I’m expecting one in the mail any day & have a friend coming over tonight to finish hers, which just leaves 1 spot left. If I haven’t received any more by the weekend I’ll whip myself up the last one all ready to sew the top together next week.

** Β New Tute Alert: I am planning on taking photos to document the quilt-as-you-go process I use and write it up in a tute/process blog next week since there have been so many questions about the process & end result as assembling a quilt using this method. So if you are one of the curious ones then hopefully I’ll have that prepared by next Wednesday…

I also finished up my November bee blocks finally. Just a tad late, sorry Alissa!!

Sew Aussie November block 1

Sew Aussie November block 2

I was really intimidated to make these at first because of all the weird angles. Probably why they are late! But Alissa had precut all our fabric for us so actually once I got going they were a breeze to make and really fun. I love her plan for her quilt too, it’s going to look awesome!

Next up I received back the quilts for my girls from the long arm quilter…
{I really need to name these! Any suggestions welcome πŸ™‚ }
They look FABULOUS!
Jeannette really did a great job with the quilting!
So last night I trimmed them all down ready to bind.
Now just to make the binding, put it on & they’ll be all ready to wrap up for under the tree….

But these total beauties deserve a post all to their own, so for now you’ll have to make do with a sneak peak…

The girls' quilts...

The main project this last couple of days though has been to try and finish all the Blankets of Love in my drawer!!…
So on the weekend I had a big basting session for these.
And last night, after putting it off for a few days, I got on with quilting them all –
It’s been like a quilt factory I can tell you!

5 quilts all quilted last night – check…

So this morning all determined to get them finished today I got to work binding them…
Binding made for all 5 – check:

choosing scraps for the binding
Yes, we were quilting in our pyjama’s! (And still are at 11am as I write this heh heh heh…)

Binding all ready for the blankets of love

Started sewing the binding on- check:

Blankets of love Progress

I had finished two and had the third half way through when all of a sudden…

****Thud clunk BANG***

On comes the safety device of my sewing machine πŸ™

I’ve no idea!
Will it budge?
Can I take it to the repair man?
Not until Saturday πŸ™
AND he might not be able to look at it until after Christmas πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

Do I have a market to sew for on Sunday & a whole bunch of other sewing work this week
So is my smug all gone
Yes!!! boooooooo hooooo hoooo

After trying everything possible to get it working again I gave up in a sulk and went into town to lunch with a friend, via the sewing shop to see if they had any advice.
No success later and I started to come out of my sulk and see reason.
– After all, I do have a back up machine for a reason!!
Yes it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of my main machine, yes I am sooooooo much slower when I use it, but – it does the job and that’s the main thing right?!

So I came home and finished the binding on the Blankets of Love.
May I present to you 5 Blankets of Love all finished & ready to take to the hospital:

Yeah baby!!
I’ll show you full photos tomorrow

Needless to say that I wasn’t smug the second time around! Kind of spoilt, sulky and frustrated if I’m honest. But it made me feel happy that I was doing something nice for some deserving families, so I sucked it up and finished the job.
I suspect it won’t be as easy to suck it up for the rest of my work though. Boo.

It will totally make me appreciate how blessed I am to have such a great sewing machine though! (Not that I didn’t appreciate it before).
We sure are used to spending a lot of hours together so I will miss it!

Anyway… lets move past my little sulk and get on with the WIP report shall we:

Completed projectsΒ – 7 woot woot!!WIPs – 5Β 

Great going wooooo hoooooo!!!!!!!!!
I can’t wait to get as much of this cleared as possible before the new year starts so that I can start some new projects weee heee πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Not linking up with Lee today because she’s on a well earned break πŸ™‚


  1. Oh Booooo to your machine indeed! Not what you need right now, or at any time come to think of it. I hope that it isn’t anything serious.

    And despite all this look what you accomplished! You are such a star.

  2. Oh Kat– I hate when I’m on a roll (which is very rare these days) and then something spoils it. I’m so sorry that your machine shut down on you AND that you have to wait til Saturday (and possibly after Christmas) to get it fixed. Your November Bee blocks are beautiful! Looking forward to seeing the more in depth posts on the other WIPS. Thank goodness for your backup machine. Have a good day!

  3. Its never the same when you have to fall back on the old model is it, you have been very productive though and I cant wait to see those gorgeous quilts you have made for the girls πŸ™‚

  4. Omg, that sucks the big one! And just in time for your market and christmas and everything. I think harsh words need to be had with that machine!

    Well done on all your finishes though. I think you might have guilted me into sewing again. The wips are taking over a bit!

  5. I’m glad you’re going to show us how you’re quilting the cheeky blocks – I’ve been wondering. Sorry about your machine — I called mine a lot of names last week (but I apologized when I realized it was really the thread’s fault).

  6. ah! i hope its fixed super soon! the perk is its summertime by you guys (i think) so hopefully other things can keep you busy.. its WAY cold here, i’d be lost

  7. At least you have a back up!

    My head is swimming with your creativity and achievements. Cant wait to see the girls quilts and I love those bee blocks.

  8. Lovely blocks! Particularly those Bee blocks! Yummy colours…

    Boo about the machine! Phew for fall back machine but it just isn’t the same!

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