Tuesday Tidbits…


    **  Is it really only 5 sleeps until Christmas?
    Really really??

    **  I suppose that means that I should start to think about what I’m going to serve up for Christmas lunch! – I have zero inspiration this year! Sheesh.

    **  I am having a really easy day today after a hugely insane weekend…

    **  Saturday we celebrated my brothers birthday with him by taking him to the Peel Zoo.
    We had a great time!

    **  It is just a little zoo. Instead of having all your traditional zoo animals, it is instead home local Australian & nearby islands’ wildlife. It is an especially fabulous zoo because not only do you get to see some really cool things that are native to Australia, but you also get to go really close up to the animals if you want….

    I got to hold a snake…

    Have my hand held by a kangaroo as I fed it…

    Feed bambi…

    Have a conversation with a bunch of different birds…

    It was so weird to be walking along a path with no one else around and all of a sudden here this high voice saying “Hello!… How you doing?”

    So many photos of pretty & colourful birds that I could show you, but instead let me show you a couple of my favourites…

    Aren’t they pretty?

    **  Then Saturday evening my other brother & sister-in-law joined us for dinner.
    That was nice.

    **  Sadly though it is one of our last dinners with them for a while as they are moving to Brisbane on New Years Eve. Especially sad as they are going to be making me an Aunty in March for the first time on my side of the family. It would have been so nice for the girls to have a cousin to play with nearby, but it will be a good move for them none-the-less.

    **  Sunday I had a market.

    **  It was a bit of a dud really. I don’t know whether it was because it was so close to Christmas or whether it was also for second hand goods too. I suspect it was both. But I think I’ll stick to the more expensive boutique markets next year. They seem worth the extra investment from what I’ve heard from friends…

    **  My friend Bec & I shared two stalls together for this market. One for our businesses and one for second hand toys…

    **  The good thing about having one side filled with toys, was that at least in made it a lot easier for me since I had to take my children. They had lots to do!! 🙂

    **  I’m also pleased to report that there were no meltdowns from them at me selling their old toys either. Perhaps they were too young to understand? I’m just thankful of whatever the reason, because I sold a huge bunch of toys in the second hand side of our booth (we had two stalls) that my children were either past, or didn’t play with. I know that will make Mr Flutter very happy because he’ll have more room in the shed now 😉

    **  I won’t lie though – it was disappointing not to do better at the handmade side. Especially as last week I worked my behind off and went from having almost no stock to this much stock:

    ** I think I counted up that I made almost 30 outfits last week!
    That was on top of finishing all the blankets of love…

    **  Then yesterday I spent the morning scrubbing my house to within an inch of its life since it was SO disgusting after a week of doing hardly anything but sewing.

    **  It’s so nice to have things back in order, but it’s no wonder, looking back on all that I’ve done in the last week, that now I feel like this:

    don’t my girls look alike when they sleep! My little peas in a pod.

    **  So the next couple of days I am definitely putting my super-Mumma cape right in the back of the closet and we are just going to take it easy & get ready for Christmas.

    **  I have some Christmas baking to do, a little bit of last minute shopping, and still the binding for the girls’ quilts so that I can wrap them for under the tree.

    **  Apart from that we are on strike and I am beginning my holiday from “work” 🙂

    **  Only sewing for my only family this & next week. Yay!

    **  Oh and by the way, I’ll try and get the next Nosey-Parker questions up by Thursday. But basically the next Nosey-Parker in the Neighbourhood will be pretty free reign. It’s mostly just a chance to link up a post about what you did for Christmas, – something which I’m sure most people will be blogging about anyway. So if you are planning to link up this time then just make sure to take lots of photos of your Christmas day & events. The party will go live on the 27th but you’ll have a month to link up :).


    1. Nice thing about all that stock, your next Market will be relatively stress free to prep for. You enjoy the rest of the week. You certainly deserve some down time. Oh, and I kind of like that pink ball of fluff bird!

    2. Sorry the market didn’t go as well as you’d hoped. I would’ve thought that this close to Christmas would make people buy MORE stuff!!

      When you get to visit your brother & sister-in-law in Brisbane, try to visit the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary (http://www.koala.net/index.php) – it is wonderful! You can have your picture taken holding a koala, there are lots of kangaroos, wallabies & emus to feed & of course the gorgeous birds! I got to go the first time I visited Australia when my sister & bro-in-law lived there.

    3. Definitely busy! I was going to suggest what we’re having for Christmas dinner, but as there was a photo of you feeding Bambi, perhaps not… ;o)

      As for the stall, I’ve had nothing but disappointment at my bear fairs this year, but as Susan said, you’ve now got plenty of stock for the next one, so it should be far less stressful!

      Good luck with your last minute things!

    4. I`m forever posting photos of Zaki sleeping and I never get bored of seeing a child sleep – not because these are times when we can get a few things done but their peaceful expressions are enough to melt my heart. So beautiful. Sorry market didn`t go great but I really believe it`s a sign of the times – certainly here, everyone seems to be cutting back. Enjoy the last few sleeps and if I don`t get the chance to say it again, I hope you and your beautiful family have an amazing Christmas Kat!

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