Tuesday Tidbits…


**  Just warning you now that this is going to be a total random mishmash of information today… but then it is called Tuesday Tidbits for a reason lol…

**  We started our day this morning with a “workout” of “ballet” dancing in our pyjamas thanks to a request from Hannah…

**  I highly recommend it as a good abdominal muscle workout (from all the giggling).

**  After all the sunshine over the last week today we have thunder, lightning & rain!

**  Good weather if you are a duck, or a frog…

**  NOT such good weather if you are my feet, or my heart – which nearly stopped earlier when I stepped out of my car into our driveway & had a frog hop on my foot

**  I screamed like a little baby I tell you! (I did not yet know what it was that was hopping madly around my feet!)

**  Here is the culprit pictured once he’d hopped to safety (and I’d restarted my heart!)…

Look who decided to hop on my foot!
*shudder…. I thought of you Anorina!

**  After the girls went to bed I did some more free-motion quilting practise yesterday…

**  I wanted to try feathers the “correct” way
– well, at least the way that everybody else seems to do them.

**  It was much easier & I am much more confident that with a little more practise I could use them on a quilt:

Free motion quilting practise 2:

**  I went to the shops this morning & then wondered why…. why oh why!!!! I am starting to regret the decision to have a PO Box, because it requires me to go near the mall in December. Gah – so busy!

**  Since it is the season of giving I have decided to enter into not 1 but 2 giveaways in the coming week!

**  First up I will be participating in the Quilters Gallery Blog Hop Party to celebrate their 4th birthday…

Blog Hop Party with Give-Aways
**  So come back on Friday for that (quilting/fabric) related giveaway
**  Secondly I will be participating in the all famous Sew Mama Sew giveaway on Monday….
**  What will I be giving away? Well that would be telling. So you’ll just have to come back on Friday & Monday to see…
(that’s kind of code for I don’t yet have a clue 😉 )
**  This week appears to be the week of trying new things. 
First I told you about my free motion quilting practise yesterday, but what I haven’t told you yet is that I’ve also been trying another job that I put off for aaaaaaaages (due to busyness and fear of the unknown….)
**  That would be finally using my purse frames…
Try 1:
First framed pouch attempt

  Try 2:

Second framed pouch attempt

**  Thanks need to go to my friend Bree for her contributions and encouragement to get me finally having a go at these!

**  The first one, while it looks lovely now, was actually quite a big disaster at first – it was supposed to originally fit into one of the frames in the picture below! Lets just say that I will not be following that tutorial again and I will instead go with my gut.

**  At least I managed to salvage it and use it with another type of frame though!
 (shame it took me an entire evening in the process!)

**  I still wouldn’t say I’m totally over my nervousness about them – it’s just the template now. I am confident to handle the gluing at least. So one step closer to confidence with them than I was before.

**  It is still thundering away like mad out there!

**  Poor Hannah doesn’t like it very much.

**  And that concludes all my random tidbits for today


  1. I am loving this weather at the moment, it’s a relief after the icky hot weather we have been having.
    Nice work with the free motion quilting and the purses, they are rather adorable.
    You are lucky we don’t get cane toad here, they are AWFUL and UGLY!!


  2. I love thunder and lightening. I am working on the girls with it! The frame purses look great but I am going to steer clear of them myself for a good long time! Well done you though.

  3. We have snow right now, and lots of ice, but we’re thankfully frog free… that would totally have freaked me out too, I hate things touching me!

    WTG on the purses, they both look fab, and love the ‘new’ feathers

  4. Hi Kat! I hope you have soon better weather, I don’t like thunder! Your purses became really beautiful! Especially the rosie one!
    Have a great day! x Teje

  5. I usually try to avoid the Plaza between now and sometime in January . Our PO box is fortunately at the local post office which makes it easy to retrieve mail.

    Love those purses and Im wildly impressed by your FM quilting!

  6. well done with the purses… I to have not been game to try these, maybe one day. Weather is still weird here, it was so cool last night I had to snuggle under a lap rug.

  7. Lots of lovely tidbits!
    Just over a week ago, there were crazy high winds here (but no problems at my house), since then it’s been on the cool side. Monday, they’re saying heavy rain in the morning.
    The purses are cute – good on ya!

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