Summer is here…


    We’ve been having very funny weather recently!
    It’s been a lot wetter than usual for Perth at this time of year, and the temperatures have been a lot lower on average too than they normally would be. Quite all over the place in fact! We were starting to wonder if the typical Western Australia hot, dry weather was actually coming!

    But this week it would seem that summer has finally arrived.
    – The mercury has soared over 30 degrees (up to 36) Celsius all week.

    So what’s a family to do but enjoy the offerings of summer…

    **  Loads of trips to the beach:

    Abbie doing her typical runner… she likes to roam that kid – much to my delight!

    Our trip to the beach today included a random unidentifiable flying object:

    It looked like a go-cart/motor driven parachute thing.
    Very weird!

    And we also got to see a group of dolphins that came to visit us about 15-20 metres or less out from where we were swimming.
    I kid you not.
    They were SO close to the shore!
    Unfortunately no photos – since I was swimming at the time and all…
    (lucky they weren’t sharks hey!)

    And this week we’ve also been enjoying

    **  Loads of barbecues…
    **  Loads of icey poles (ice blocks, ice creams, ice-lollies etc…)
    **  Loads of water-play…
    **  & Looooads of relaxed family time together!

    But what I’d like to know is, since my children spend nearly the entire time that we home running around with no clothes on, why we are still generating so.much.washing?!
    I could do away with that!

    Hope you’re all having a lovely weekend


    1. I had a lovely weekend, no thanks to Melbourne’s bleak weather- it was all of about 15 degrees here yesterday. But I tried to ignore that by going to Camberwell Market and picked up some great vintage finds! Enjoy your fabulous Perth weather!

    2. It is not 30C here. Enough said! Okay, maybe not – toes were numb with cold today and then it decided to piss down with rain. Me jealous of you? Whatever would give you that idea? 😉

    3. You know washing breeds in the laundry basket don’t you?

      We finally got some good weather over the weekend and apparently this week is going to be rather warm(hot actually !) Im going to be working when I’d rather be enjoying the beach and barbecues ….

      Glad you’re having fun with your wonderful husband and girls.

    4. I had to chuckle at your post title Kat, for here in the States we’re entering wintertime! I recently found your blog and am enjoying it quite a lot. I’ll be back often!



    5. I’m going to have to stop reading if you’re going to talk about summer – no fair! It’s cold here, and I am not a fan. Sigh…is it too soon to wish for spring?

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