My Creative Space…


    Today my Creative Space has become a mess again.
    Ok well who am I kidding, it became a mess less than 24 hours after my last tidy up, but hey – that means it’s being used right 😉

    This afternoon I made a small start in basting some Blankets of Love all ready for quilting:

    Basting of Blankets of love has begun

    Thank you to Cindy of Fluffy Sheep Quilting in Ireland & Susan of Canadian Abroad in England for these contributions above!
    I’m sorry – this is not their grand reveal because I have so much more to show & say about everybody’s  generous contributions and I will properly show them off once they have been quilted & bound. I also have several others in progress to show off too – these were the only ones I could get shots of before daylight faded today as I rushed out the door.

    So just consider this a lucky sneak preview & stay tuned for the full Blankets of Love update soon.

    You can read more about Blankets of Love here. Donations continue to be welcome!
    It was very ironic that I should start to work on these today of all days, but I will explain about that in detail on another day soon too.

    I also got the chance (briefly) today to sit down with my cuppa (ha that’s right, I don’t drink cuppa’s! 😉 ) diet coke & read the latest Australian Homespun magazine…

    Carol even made the front page!
    Well lookee who it is in Homespun Australia

    And lookee who graces the front cover and has a very large feature in the magazine this month… none other than my uber talented friend Carol (aka Mamacjt on Flickr). You might remember seeing some of Carol’s work on my blog before here (dolls quilt swap 10) and here (portrait of me).
    I am seriously lucky to now own not one but two of her pieces of art!

    Way to go Carol! I always knew you rocked, but now it’s officially in print too!!

    I will be back tomorrow announcing my giveaway prize on offer for the Quilters Gallery Blog hop party, so make sure you come back tomorrow to enter that.

    More Creative Spaces here…


    1. Thanks for the “blurb”, babe! Can’t wait to get my issue and then brag about myself on my blog. LOL Lots of close-up shots of that quilt too. Love ya!

    2. Great production line on the quilts there!
      I love Carol’s work, she is so talented, can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of the magazine.

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