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    Today I thought I’d feature some of the creative work that my small budding artists do in my Creative Space…

    I make it no secret that Hannah loooooves to hang out with me in my office while I sew, and I’m seriously not joking when I say that she requests my presence in there (read: pesters me until I give in) as soon as I put Abbie down for her nap!

    Recently she has been wowing me with her creativity and how much she’s learning. Her drawing in particular is getting really good (for a 3 year old) and she is also starting to write some letters, numbers and start forming words. Unfortunately I sent the best ones over with my brother as a present for her grandparents, but here are a couple of pictures that she’s drawn/coloured in the last couple of days…

    That is a very square Neil on the far left, then me, Hannah and I don’t know if you can make out that there is a tiny Abbie being carried by Hannah
    Quite good colouring in and staying within the lines I think.
    I guess you now know where we visited this week 😉

    Her favourite FAVourite activity (much to my delight – glue in my sewing room!!) is “Gluing and Sticking”… Sticking is usually in the form of glue to stick my fabric offcuts on paper, stickers just get stuck on her drawings and she also loves to use cellotape used to “wrap presents” (read: wrap stuff stolen out of my craft containers).
    Here she is sticking fabric scraps down to make a crown…

    All this shared creativity does have it’s downsides I must admit…. Like I can never find stuff when I need it, or when I do I find my cellotape has run out, & I have now have pen all over one of my desks where she has gone off the paper.

    Another casualty is what happens when littlest gets a hold of pens when we have our back turned. She loooooves to draw as well. The only trouble is that she doesn’t really have the good sense yet that pen needs to stay on the paper…

    At least it turned out to be water colour pencil & it came of really easily. Unlike the pen all over her hands & legs, my desk and her clothes!

    But despite these small mishaps I just love watching my girls get their creative groove on!
    It’s priceless!

    What’s going on in your creative space today?
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    1. Hannah is really talented for her age, and has great concentration levels – also not always apparent in a three year old. Abbie is just priceless in that photo. She looks so darn happy with herself!!

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