It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas….


    A week ago I was NOT feeling in the Christmas spirit I have to say…
    More the “bury my head in the sand & pretend there wasn’t so much to do” spirit…

    But a couple of things happened in the last week that made me change my attitude somewhat…

    a) I received my totally gorgeous Modern Christmas Table runner parcel, made by the very talented Helen. This could not have come on a better day- I really needed a pick me up that day, and receiving this bundle of goodies was certainly the perk up I needed – thank you Helen! ­čÖé

    What a generous parcel Helen sent:

    My awesome Modern Swap package

    As you can see, she sent not just a table runner, but also a lovely selection of handmade Christmas ornaments, and some Christmas candy too. Helen even went to the extra effort of stalking me to make ornaments in the letters that each of my family members names start with. Hannah had great pleasure in hanging an “H” on the tree! And also announcing that HER name also had an “A” in, so was that one hers too?
    She is too smart for her own good that girl!

    Here is my gorgeous table runner on my (freshly wiped) table:

    New Christmas Table Runner

    It is a perfect fit isn’t it!

    And just look at Helen’s piecing:

    New Christmas Table Runner

    Perfect points on those oh so tiny stars!! Eeek I suspect I would run a mile if I had to attempt those teeny tiny flying geese! So in other words I totally appreciate the work Helen put in.

    But I have to admit that I have found a home for this away from the table. I just could NOT stand to get mucky fingers and spills all over it, so it now lies (somewhat) safely on our TV cabinet in front of the TV in our living room.

    New home for table runner...

    Not the most ideal home, but definitely the safest! And at least one I can view & appreciate often!

    And b) It was as if our lovely swap Mumma Susan knew that I was going to blog about Christmas today, because when I went to check my mail I had a surprise parcel in there from her filled with wonderful handmade ornaments:

    Lovely new ornaments from Susan

    What a lovely surprise that was!
    Yet again Hannah had great glee in hanging them on our (constantly changing) tree:

    Our ever changing tree...

    So thank you ladies for helping me feel a bit more in the Christmas spirit!

    Actually having made a list of things I need to do and be well on the way through them has helped me feel a bit more relaxed about the season too.
    Now I’m starting to really look forward to it rather than be daunted by it.
    (The daunted part is mostly just because I hate the congestion at the shops at this time of year, which unfortunately is pretty unavoidable for many things.)

    It is kind of crazy how much work we give ourselves to do at this time of year, isn’t it?
    Not really what it’s all about…
    So, I’m trying to remember the real reason we celebrate Christmas as I plod along, and try and focus on that, not the growing list of things to do!

    How bout you? How’s your Christmas spirit?


    1. what a wonderful gift! that runner looks perfect on your table!

      my christmas spirit is high, but also not willing to get into the stress of the holiday. it’s supposed to be about fun and the people we love. trying to keep it there…..:)

    2. I am starting to feel a tad stressed. I have so much I still need to get done and it feels like time is running out. One of the biggest problems is all the people that want to get together with me before Christmas. There are only so many meals out I want in one week or can afford this time of year. Especially when I have other things to do. Make me feel a bit bah humbugish though.

    3. Ooh, fabulous packages :o)

      I’m still not feeling it though. I’ve watched more Christmas films than you could ever have imagined being made since I became ill a week ago, it’s been snowing outside, and even total immersion isn’t doing it… oh well!

    4. Your welcome! You do so much for others I just thought you could use a smile being sent your way too. And Abbie can’t break these ornaments so good for little ones. Glad your Christmas spirit is kicking in.

    5. I think what I actually need IS spirits (with some coke ) to get me in the actual spirit.

      Im too busy to even think about Christmas at the moment but honestly Im starting to panic at the thought that I still have Christmas shopping to do!

      LOVE you table runner and Susan’s ornaments are just darling. (I’ve been hankering after those little snowflakes ever since she showed them off over at her place !)

    6. What a beautiful tablerunner! I just pinned it. All of the ornaments are darling, too. My brother in law blows glass, so we have quite a few beautiful one of a kind ornaments he’s made, but I opted not to put them up this year since I’m positive the tree is going to be knocked over by one of the kiddos. Felt ornaments would be a lot safer:) The initial ones are especially cute!

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