Wordless Wednesday…


Haha fooled you…
You didn’t actually think that I’d be capable of a wordless post did you?
Me? The Queen of long-winded posts?
I didn’t think so either! LOL….

I was going to do a WIP Wednesday report today, but since I’m not organised & have not taken any photos yet it would be rather boring, so I’ll leave it for another week. Then with any luck I’ll have a few more things to show anyway…

But – while we’re on the subject of WIP’s I did originally set the date for blocks for my cheeky quilt for the end of October. So I was just wondering if I could have a show of hands of people who are still planning to send me a block (if anyone) so that I can plan when I’m going to get cracking on this… Because I think that there might be a few people with blocks to send me yet?
If you have still to make/send or it’s on it’s way then don’t panic – I was originally planning on having this finished for my birthday in 2 weeks hence the October deadline, but quite frankly I think I have about a 0.00000000012 percent chance of having the time or energy to do that in the next 2 weeks- which means that if you still want to contribute a block for this during November I would welcome it with open arms and be very grateful to receive it!! 🙂

My priority needs to be finishing my wonky house quilt for the girls Christmas present, so I think I might work on my cheeky quilt over the holidays instead once I’ve got the Christmas rush out of the way & can enjoy the process more.

In other news I finally went to the doctor today after having to crawl back in bed by 11am and ring Neil to see if he could come home when Abbie woke up to look after the kids.
 Not cool!
Turns out I have an ear, nose & throat infection. So at least I have a fairly decent excuse for feeling this rubbish and not getting any better!!
And which means that the closest I got to my sewing machine today was to open the door to chuck some mail in the “incoming mail to sort pile!” Stink!

If you have survived this far into my wordy ramble after being promised no words then congratulations! You definitely deserve a photo! In which case let me show you yesterdays project. I will blog about it with the whole story & all the pics, soon but in the meantime this is what I’ve been up to with the reds & blacks….

Hope you are feeling considerably better than me!
Off to watch a movie and chillax with my beloved… sorry for the trick 🙂


  1. Oh no! Nasty little infectious germies. At least they can treat it, right? You should be back to yourself in no time 🙂 Love the red/black/white contrast – the red really pops!

  2. Hi Kat, hope you feel better soon. I would love to make you a block. Will get it done this week but with post might not get to you until end of November, is that too late?

  3. I just recently started following you, and if you do another quilt with blocks from different people from all over the world, I would like to join 🙂
    I’m pretty new to all this sewing stuff, but I crochet a lot, so I don’t think I’ll have time to make a block and send it to you from Denmark this time around 🙂

  4. Loving the red and black. Not loving that fact that you are struggling so much with these germs. Each day I hope to hear you are on the mend. Stay in bed and sleep. That’ll help.

  5. Now that you’ve finally been to the Dr. (aren’t we always so bad about resisting that trip?), hope you got some good antibiotics & back upright fast. Well, not TOO fast. Don’t want you getting dizzy.

    Red & black peek is looking good!

  6. Thanks Everyone!

    Hi Caroline. I’m replying here because you don’t have an email address available to me to email you.
    Yes that would be lovely if you’d like to. If you email me through my profile I’ll send you my address 🙂
    Thanks so much in advance!!

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