WIP Wednesday….


I haven’t participated in WIP Wednesday for a little while, (mostly because it would be mind numbingly boring to say “no progress again this week” for many weeks in a row), but I finally have some progress to report this week. Yay!

First of all I gave my office a good tidy today. I’m going to count that as progress, because I think it could help me get back my lost mojo lol…

Following on from making things tidy I got motivated to make my second block for the quilt for my lounge – since the pieces have been sitting in a pile by my sewing machine collecting dust bunnies and moths for about 6 weeks now. With that, the block I’d already made, and 4 I received from my lovely Sew Aussie ladies, progress on that quilt is coming along quite nicely…
Officially half way there with blocks:

Progress so far on quilt for my lounge

Although 2 of the blocks were made in a slightly different size so I’ve got to decide what to do about it. So far I’ve thought of 3 options –
1. Use them in the quilt top anyway and just have a few that don’t match up
2. Use them in a pieced back
3. Use them for coordinating cushions

What do you think? What would you do?

Secondly I received a few more blocks for my cheeky quilt.
These ones are both from Rachel in my Bits & Pieces Bee…

Scrappy block for cheeky quilt

Scrappy block for cheeky quilt

I really love them!! (of course) So thanks heaps Rachel!

And since I know a few of you are very curious about progress – so far I have 31 cheeky blocks in my hot little hand. I know there are a few more on the way, I’m just not sure how many. But since I need at least 42 (preferably 49) I think I will work on making a few more of these in the next few weeks, so watch this space .

I also really have to decide what to do about the quilting of this quilt. I was going to do straight line quilting and use the Quilt as you go method, but I’m starting to think maybe I should splash out and get this long arm quilted. Any suggestions?
It’s going to be quite a full on, busy quilt with all the scrappiness, so I’m not sure about the long arm idea. I’ve never sent a quilt away to be long armed before – I’ve always just quilted them myself. So I’m a bit chicken & unsure…

Ooooh I was about to say that that was all my progress this week – but I just realised that I finished my Christmas table runner. So that must count as 1 project finished woo hooo!

In which case my stats this week are:

Completed projects – 1 (table runner)
Long term WIPs-  3
Short term must-be-done-soon list – 3

             Christmas list (although really this should probably be down as more than 1 item!)
             Blankets of love x 2 to baste, quilt & bind
             Bee blocks for November x 2

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  1. For someone who hasn’t done much you seem to have accomplished a lot! More than me – but then I have been traipsing around Rome – sorry just had to drop that one in – hehe!

  2. I like the idea of incorporating the blocks that are slightly too small into the backing for your quilt, that’s what I tend to do. And for the quilting of your cheeky quilt (love the name, btw!), I think I’d vote for QAYG or quilting it yourself. I think that with all the craziness of the fabrics, any extra special long-arm work would get kind of lost in the shuffle. Good luck!

  3. If you can’t live with the blocks in the front not matching up then I would use them in the backing. It will help pull the top to the back that way. I’m a sucker for cool pieced backings though.

    As for quilting on the other one, I would put it together normally and quilt it myself using straight vertical lines, spaced every inch or couple of inches apart. I think it will bring out the lines of the blocks that way. A long armed pattern could end up distracting from the shape of the squares.

    They’re both beautiful, good luck finding the perfect way to finish them!

  4. Looks like you are getting the mojo back – even if you don’t realise it! I would use the different size blocks in a cushion or on the back of the quilt.

  5. The odd sizes blocks is a dilemma… I think Iwould use them on the back. THe quilt is stunning and I think that the lines need to match up perfectly. That was my 2 cents 🙂

  6. I love your Bee blocks! I would try to see if I could adjust the blocks to fit; if you don’t think they can be adjusted then I would either use them on the back or consider making a coordinating pillow sham to go with the quilt or a bag for the quilt to be stored in or gifted in.

  7. The criss-cross blocks look great! Or X blocks or whatever they’re called… 😀

    I vote to use the 2 different sized ones as cushion covers! You would be just so co-ordinated then! Yay!

  8. As a long-armer…here would be some ideas –it is a busy set of blocks and fabrics, so you won’t see the quilting much. 1. just an all over stipple. 2. a serpentine stitch on the diagonal both directions along the intersections makes for a nice open stitching and plays with the log cabin effect (did this on ‘Valley Icons’ quilt currently showing on my blog. 3. How dense do you really want the quilting? — a pantograph with a particular design you’d like to show up if you’re using a solid back would give you another visual on the backside. 4. A fancy design with a solid back will also give you something really fancy–just remember you won’t see much of it in the front. Hope that helps give you some ideas.

  9. I had to really look to tell that they were different, but it might be more obvious when they are sewn together. I think it would be fun to have a few on the back to tie it together.

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