Tuesday Tidbits…


**  It has been a busy couple of days here on the sewing front
– today especially!

**  First time in a while, so that may (or may not) explain why I’ve been feeling in a bit better mood today!

**  It’s also been a busy day on the mail front… oh how I love mail! That sure helps the mood too 😀

**  Wanna see my exciting mail?
– Ok, silly question right!

**  First up was a lovely surprise package from Fiona in Scotland..
Fiona advertised a pay it forward on her blog a few months ago – very soon after I had her for the Goodie Swap. So I needed no encouragement to sign up to it. She is so talented that who would hesitate to sign up for a gift from her!?

So keeping that in mind it should be said that when I saw her name on this surprise parcel this afternoon I wasted no time ripping it open (in the carpark to the post office!)
And there was no delay in squealing for joy when I saw this cute wee friend…

Cute new friend from Fiona

Hello cute new elephant pin cushion! You match my sewing room PERFECTLY so I can definitely find a home for you straight away 🙂

Thanks so much Fi!

**  I will advertise my pay it forward to continue the chain soon – so keep your eyes open if you want to get a handmade gift from me 🙂

**  Second was another wonderful parcel, although this time not from very far away at all…
My DS Dolls quilts swap. In this swap we each had to make a dolls quilt for our partner out of Denise Schmidt fabric.
I was lucky enough to get another Perth quilter, Robyn, as my partner, so that was super exciting to “meet” another Perth Flickr swapper!! I don’t have many quilty friends in Perth or go to any quilting groups so it’s always a bit of a buzz to meet another local Flickr swapper!

And these were my wonderful goodies from her:

A fabulously wrapped parcel…

DS package beautifully wrapped

Containing a very funny card & cute iron on patch…

Close up of the card Robyn sent as an extra

And my new fabulous Dolls Quilt…

Front of my new DS quilt

And also a lovely (very large) tea towel…

DS Quilt swap received...

Now just to find my new dolls quilt a new home on my wall!

Thanks so much Robyn! I love it all 🙂

**  Thirdly I received some more bee blocks from my Sew Aussie girls, but I’ll show you those in my next WIP Wednesday (and when I figure out who they’re actually from) LOL…

**  After that exciting mail run I went off to Spotlight to “save” some money at the 30% off storewide sale

**  Yeah that’s right – I said save people… it IS saving isn’t it? Surely…? Even if I had no previous plans to buy and of this stuff urgently before today?….

New fabric (well some of it)

**  Ha – yeah ok I give in…  “saving” my butt!… Especially as there were pillow forms that were also purchased which didn’t make it to the photo.
And THEN I went back later after Abbie’s sleep to buy some more nylon after making the cutest little tutu with that small bit of nylon I bought for a trial run.

**  Oh brother, I am not doing very well at my fabric diet! LOL…

**  I was also gifted some more “scraps” this week from my kind friend Bec.

New scraps added to the stash

**  Unreal hey – some of those “scraps” were nearly a fat quarter or 1/2 yard large. I am so lucky!
I try and make it worth her while though in favours back though… cause boy oh boy can these scraps be put to great use!

**  Oh and lastly, I officially finished my first garment sewn from a purchased pattern today. As in – not made up as I go along! 😉
I’m so proud that I did it cause it wasn’t all that easy and I did utter some rude words at one point as I sat unpicking the same seam over and over again to get it right.

**  I’ll show you that next week after my friends daughter wears it for her 2nd birthday this weekend.

**  I probably should have saved all that mail to open on Thursday, which is the actual day of my birthday since so many of you are asking. I must have been way more subtle than I thought when I did the Nosey Parker in the Neighbourhood question post 😉

**  How are you all going with writing your Nosey Parker posts by the way? 2 more days to go till linky time. Fun fun fun!!


  1. Oh wow, that was quite the parcel haul! Love that wee ellie, and what a cute wee quilt (giggling at the card too ;o) )

    As for Nosey Parker, I had quite forgotten the date, but I did have some photos picked out, so I’m partway there…

  2. I am so happy to hear you’re feeling better. You’re even more chirpy when typing. What fab post you have 🙂 Fi is the best EVER and I love your new little long-nosed friend! xx

  3. Well this post is full of yumminess and creativity . I’m so overwhelmed I’m not sure where to start.

    Your DS doll swap quilt is very sweet. I love the HST ‘s but I bet that was a pain to piece!

    I figured I’d saved enough money at Spotlight over the weekend and didnt bust a gut to get there for the sale. I was worried about eminent divorce if I spent any more money on fabric this week. I’ve been out of control for the last 10 days. Time to stop and take a breath! I love what you scored though.

  4. Look at your with all your parcel goodness…lucky girl you!!

    Am just a bit proud of you for following an actual pattern..there will be no stopping you now 🙂


  5. I don’t know where to start there is so much good stuff there! Great mini quilt, LOVE the elephant, want the scraps and want Spotlight to open in the UK. Every time you lot score a deal there I am jealous! Happy for you too though.

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