Thread anyone?…


    I have been using Rasant thread for about 6 months now. I must admit that I was a bit hesitant to try it at first, because I used Gutterman thread at the time & found it really pleasing. But at half the price and for 200m more on a roll I had to give it a go for economy if nothing else.

    I have never looked back!

    My machine loves it. It’s easy to work with. It’s strong, doesn’t fluff, is very heat resistant, and it’s nice & fine so it helps makes my 1/4 inch seams stay nice & accurate. Cause lets face it – we don’t want a bulky thread to throw our otherwise accurate 1/4 inch seams off do we 😉
    Then there’s the simple fact that it is so affordable!

    Since using it I’ve also discovered that many other people swear by it too.

    As I’m sure you can predict – I go through a HUGE amount of thread. So I’m going to put in a wholesale order for some thread on Monday. I thought I’d offer you lovely lot the opportunity to purchase some through me as well.

    They will be $5.50AU per 1000 metre spool of 120 weight premium quality all purpose thread + postage.
    Nice price for 1000 metres of great quality thread huh!
    – I can give you a quote for postage once I know how much you want to order, but they don’t weigh that much so it shouldn’t be too bad.

    The threads are a polyester core spun thread with a cotton outer. So you get the benefits of using cotton but with the strength of using polyester. Don’t ask me any tricky questions about that part though cause I won’t be able to help you – I just know that I like it LOL….
    I’ve used it for everything from purses to quilts to clothing & always been very happy with it.

    If you would like to see the full colour selection available then leave a comment & I’ll email you the picture of the colour chart. There’s loads of colours available!

    And if you want to order anything from my shop to combine postage I will give you a 20% off follower discount for order in by Monday. That can include wall art if you would like to order some personalised wall art (that’s not up on the website yet).

    Happy Friday


    1. How generous of you! I would love to jump in on your order as I regularly use this thread but generally only buy it in black, white and grey. Maybe I should lash out and buy some other colours for machine quilting a few UFOs!! Let me think about what colours I might need and get back to you. OK?

    2. I’m in, yes please. I have been using Rasant ever since I bought the Pfaff because it’s the only thread it seems to like. Lucky isn’t it because it’s great thread.

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