My first run in with Miss Bernina…
…. I accidentally snagged the main body of the skirt while sewing on a ruffle
– oh DARN!

Unfortunately no second chances when a blade is involved –  in other words there is no real way to selvage that mistake.

What’s even more annoying – that skirt was actually finished but I decided it could do with a bit more length so I went to add another ruffle at the bottom.


You’d think that I’d learn from that right?
But no!
I then proceeded to make the same mistake not once but TWICE while sewing the next garment. Although at least I had the good sense (if you can call it that!?) to make those 2 mistakes while using the sewing machine, so that could at least be remedied.

Clearly I should not sew when I’m tired & in a bad mood! It just ends in disaster.

What a pain in the you-know-what!!

Just keeping it real – not immune for mistakes here, oh no no no!


  1. Poor skirt! I can see that it really can’t be rescued though. Cut it up for patchwork scrappiness. No other thing I can think of. I’ll email you in my morning, as nothing but gibberish coming out of me now. Hope you are okay!

  2. Uh-oh! I have to say I disengaged the blade on mine, I’m too chicken, you know, in case I catch anything in it (and I actually have had a couple of teeny catches a couple of times, I know me well!)

  3. Know how you feel Kat…I worked on the same hat pattern yesterday for around 3 hrs…I kid you not!!! I was beyond frustrated and gave up in the end to approach when I am feeling more refreshed.

    Hope today’s a better one for you 🙂


  4. I hate days like that. It’s good to know though that I’m not the only one who stuffs up!

    When Im in a rotten mood I just eat chocolate.

  5. I do know exactly what you mean. I was working with a friend last night – I was cutting strips for both of us to make a Christmas Jelly Roll Race quilt. Broke my only rule – I was still cutting after 9pm! I think I did OK tho’, except for having to recut the VERY LAST strip! lol

    Hope you’re rested & not so grouchy by now…..

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