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My Creative this week was a little on the sombre side I have to admit. Not just because I’m sick – although that was a major part of it – but also because of the project I had on the go…

I’ve shown you snippets of this project over the last few days but as I’ve sent it on to the recipient now I’m ready to tell you the whole story. Just a warning before I begin telling you the story though, this creation is very blatant in it’s religious iconography – so I get that it won’t be everybody’s cup of tea. But hopefully you can appreciate it for the sentiment and story behind it…

The vision for this quilt came to me almost a year ago actually and it has stewed in the background of my brain since then. I started collecting fabrics for it but up until this week that was as far as I’d got. Then I got an email a month or so ago from someone very dear to me, which held some very bad news, and at that point I knew he was the perfect person to make this for….

My Godfather was the author of the email. He was telling me bad news about his health.
– If you are not sure what a Godfather is then allow me to explain. When babies or children are baptised in the church I grew up going to, it is customary for the parents to appoint “Godparents”. Basically these Godparents are appointed to help guide the child growing up in their spiritual faith.
In my experience a lot of the time the relationship & role as Godparent is soon forgotten after the event of Baptism. In our modern day society they don’t really have much of a practical role and (in my personal opinion) a lot of it is just tradition. Typically anyway. There are exceptions.

My Godparents & I were one of those exceptions. I was extremely lucky enough to grow up extremely close to them, in particular to Tim my Godfather. He became like a second father to me and throughout my teenage years and early years in my marriage especially, he was a fabulous mentor. We used to go on outings together, he’d spoil me rather thoroughly, and in particular Tim really encouraged me in my creative ventures.
When I was a teenager he was a photography teacher and I remember many fun photography sessions with him as he encouraged my passion for craft.

Later after Neil and I were married we used to visit him & Pat regularly. If I was having a difficult period in my marriage then Tim was always an incredibly encouraging support. I could always rely on his wise advice and he would always pray for & with me. Clearly that help was invaluable because 10 years down the track Neil and I have a flourishing marriage! We can credit a lot of that to the valuable wise mentors & guidance we had in our early years which helped us overcome those early hurdles and not give up when the going got tough.

In the last couple of years we have lost touch a bit more with Tim & Pat. Our conversations & email haven’t been as frequent, simply because we both moved and our busy lives made it easy to lose touch. But they have of course remained very dear to me, and Neil & I and the girls were very blessed to spend a few days with them when we went back to New Zealand in June.

So given all of that I’m sure you can imagine that the email I received a month or so ago from Tim with such bad news regarding his health has been very distressing and sad to process. Especially being so far away and unable to help in any practical way or visit.
I really felt that Tim needed some encouragement from me, and since he has been such a strong Spiritual mentor in my life I thought that my vision of this art quilt would suit him perfectly. I’m a little late in sending it because he celebrated his big 70th last month, so I got stuck in making it to send this week…

The quilt itself is filled with all kinds of symbolism both religious & personal to us. I won’t go into detail about the religious symbolism – I’m sure a lot of you can figure that out for yourself, but the colours & design were all chosen very specifically with that in mind.
Also for example one of the things that Tim loves to photograph is flowers so I’ve included a lot of floral fabrics. I’ve also included a lot of text, sewing, and music fabrics because those are the things that Tim has always encouraged me in creatively. He knew that they were vital to the beat of my heart even before I recognised it myself!

This has probably been the most meaningful thing I’ve ever made for someone. My prayer is that it can encourage him to have the hope that he needs to pull through and recover, as well as putting it out there by faith to be the start of a miracle!

Please keep Tim in your prayers. I know he will also appreciate your prayers for a miracle too.

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  1. Hi Kat! I’m sorry to hear about your Godfather! Your quilt is beautiful and has a strong meaning! I hope it gives to him joy and strenght!
    xxx Teje

  2. I so hope you and Tim get your miracle, Kat. It is a beautiful quilt with great symbolism – religious and personal. I think you have done a beautiful job because you have poured all your heart and soul into it and I hope that it gets to Tim in double quick time.

  3. I’m so very sorry to hear about your Godfather. I’m sure your beautiful quilt will be a true comfort to him during this time of hopeful healing.

  4. Thank you for sharing your story and the quilt. I know it will bring Tim so much comfort to know how much you care and he will have the quilt as a reminder of all the special times you spent together. I hope everything works out for him too. {{{Hugs}}}

  5. I am sure that Tim will love this quilt! It’s very striking & he will know all the love you put into it too.
    Healing thoughts & prayers on the way to NZ for Tim.

  6. So sorry to hear about your God father`s health Kat and will say a prayer and send positive thoughts for a miracle. They do happen. Your quilt is perfect and I`m sure will be a great comfort to Tim.

  7. Your Godfather will treasure this quilt because of the love and thought you put into every stitch.

    You are a beautiful person Kat.

    I hope his health issue can be resolved.

  8. You have put your heart and soul into this quilt and explained it all so beautifully. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your lovely Godfather.

  9. I’m sure your godfather will love the quilt and be very touched at all the thought you have put into choosing the fabrics. I sincerely hope his health improves.

    And can I just say – fantastic quilt!

  10. Sorry for getting to this so late… still catching up on emails.

    This is a beautiful quilt Kat… I’m not religious but I was raised RC so I understand the relationship.

    Hugs and prayers 🙂


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