Well I never… they are talking about me over at craft gossip today. Luckily it’s great gossip & I don’t mind one bit… 😉

    They are talking about me at CraftGossip.com

    Kind of nice surprise pick me up for an otherwise pretty miserable day – was back at the doc this morning to get another prescription for anti-biotics. It would appear that my ear & throat infection decided a week wasn’t long enough & it decided to come back to bite me. Gah!

    And while we’re on the subject of being featured –
    … I’ll also be featured this coming Thursday over at Clover & Violet where I’ll be sharing a tutorial as part of Jennie’s Welcome Baby series.

    If you’re not following along with this series yet you may want to – it is gearing up to be a great one! Kim shared a great tutorial for boutique style baby bibs on Thursday! I think I’ll be having a go at her pattern next time it takes my fancy to sew up a bib because it looks like a great one!


    1. Wow! You go girl! You are on a roll in blogland! I am a long time follower of Clover and Violet so I look forward to seeing what you will be sharing! I hope you are feeling better, really soon!

    2. People are catching on to how good you are and so they should. Now, I just want to know why your last couple of posts have not appeared in my google reader!?! How annoying. I actually came and checked because I thought it was a long silence for you. I was getting worried!!

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