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    Happy Friday everyone!

    I’m half asleep today as I write this (as I have been with most posts this week anyway – can’t you tell from all the crazy typos ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) but even more so today. That’s what a whole week of late nights will do to you. But last night’s late night was totally worth it!!
    Which brings me to my Favourite this this Friday…

    I love my birthday!!!

    Someone in my family (who shall remain nameless in case she reads this and gets embarrased) actually said to me yesterday that she’s not that into birthdays… I couldn’t believe it. Who doesn’t like their birthday? Certainly not me! I looooove my birthday!

    I’ve been feeling a bit down in the last week though because of this fact and because my beloved is still away for work and was not going to be here to spend the day with me. Plus my best friends were busy because it was their netball night. Plus I thought my brother & sister-in-law were going to be on a plane to New Zealand yesterday. So I thought it was all going to be a bit of a lonely affair with my girls and I was a bit sulky.
    Who me, being sulky and shallow? Surely not!

    Well I was – I promise you. I am ashamed to say it but I have been in a bad mood most of the week because of it.

    But then I decided to get over myself and just plan myself something. And I could NOT have been more wrong with how it turned out. I was completely and utterly spoilt!

    Up until dinner it was a pretty ordinary day entailing playgroup & lots of housework. I actually even cleaned my entire house in the afternoon. I know – so crazy – but you should know by now that I prefer my house to be clean & tidy and trust me it was not yesterday! It was foul! So I decided that I’d rather suck it up and do an hour or so’s housework so that I could enjoy being in a clean/tidy house for the rest of the day.

    Then the good stuff began…ย 2 of my brothers & my uncle came over for dinner. I decided to order in pizza’s. Not my ideal birthday menu but better than trying to endure the stress of taking my two littlies out for dinner at a restaurant (are you with me mum’s!?) – yes, definitely much easier and less stress for me having them run a muck in my own home instead! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    My uncle bought me some beautiful lily’s below, and a very sweet package arrived from my husband containing a lollipop bouquet, a sweet teddy & some chocolates…

    I already had my present from him (my new overlocker) so that was an unexpected surprise which the girls loved as much as me of course!

    My brothers & sister-in-law had alsoย thoughtfully bought me a new dvd player because they knew that my kids had broken ours. I think the new one is going in my bedroom & I might treat myself to buying a small tv for in there. Or my sewing room. I hardly ever watch tv, but it would be nice to have the option to watch a dvd in bed occasionally I must admit.

    Then in the evening I’d prearranged a friend to come over and sew with me after my family went home after dinner. But then much to my surprise 2 of my best friends from mothers group arrived at 7.30pm with a cake for me. The meanies had told me that they couldn’t see me that night because they had netball so it was a total surprise!!

    It was a yummo cake!!

    And they also came bearing the most beautiful orchids I’ve ever seen…

    As well as some chocolate.
    Thank you ladies!!!!! You know I heart you! (Even if you are meany teases ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

    Then my friend Bec (the one who gives me all the delicious scraps!) came over to spend the rest of the evening sewing with me. She came bearing the most gorgeous bag for me:

    The first bag she’s ever made – isn’t it gorgeous!!! And to think she’s only been sewing for 2 months!

    We talked & sewed & talked & sewed ALL evening until our eyes started to droop shut and it turned out to be 11.38pm. Ummmm no wonder!! But we’d both been distracted with sewing completely monotonous things (the perfect jobs to sew with company) and before we knew it she had sewn a huge stack of bibs for her market & I’d quilted 19 of my cheeky blocks!!

    So I fell into bed last night feeling very loved on and spoilt. Thank you to all my other friends & family for my birthday wishes! I still have most of you to reply to – but now hopefully you know why, I didn’t have a spare second yesterday…

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    1. Happy Birthday Kat!!! As you are on the other side of the world and clearly hanging upside down, does that mean you are 12 again rather than 21?? Sounds like you had a wonderful day and so glad that your bezzers could come and spoil you as well as your bros and uncle. You deserve it! Well done on receiving your swap package – starting to freak for poor Michele now!

    2. Yippee to birthday! I love them and a FTF. So pleased you had a good day. You really deserved it. How many lollipops left in the lollipop tree now?

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