WIP Wednesday…

    WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

    Well how bout this – 4 weeks between the last posts due to not much progress (and even less time) and now lookee here I have managed 2 Work in Progress (WIP) reports a week apart!!
    That must mean one thing and one thing only – it has been a busy week!!

    First before I show you my WIP report I just have to show you this…
    My little t-shirt sweatshop has been so busy this week that I had to employ child slave labour…

    Ok so that’s probably not a very funny joke given the seriousness of child slave labour (imagine my google search results now!) – but have to make light of having a baby with yet another dose of croup… she’s not a happy bunny at the moment so I had to employ her to “help” me last night since getting her to sleep apparently wasn’t on the cards. Hopefully she will be better soon bless her.
    And yes, I thought I was done with these t-shirts! But then I received a last minute order for another 10 yesterday to be done asap. Who am I to complain about more work, but hopefully this really is the last batch before the weekend…

    In actual WIP news I haven’t done a lot towards my long term WIPs. Nothing quite frankly. Although I did receive two extremely lovely blocks from Corrie in Bits & Pieces Bee which will go towards my cheeky quilt…

    Bits & Pieces block received from Corrie

    Bits & Pieces bee block x2 from Corrie

    Corrie somehow managed to use lots and lots of my favourite fabrics together. So that was cool!

    But despite my lack of work on the long term stuff, I did finish a few short term projects that have been clogging up head space & moving up in urgency on my to-do list… that was my priority this week!

    My DS Dolls Quilts Swap quilt got finished:

    DS Dolls Quilt in its finished state

    I must try and get a better photo of this before I send it – my camera wasn’t focusing well that day for some reason. Here is a closer look at my quilting:

    Close up of  quilting

    I’m quite pleased with how this turned out since I had no idea what to do. It’s hard to believe that I used 20 different DS fabrics in the making of this isn’t it!

    And I also finished the quilt for my friends new baby son as promised to her ages ago. I know I’ve already shown you but have another look just because it makes me feel like I’ve achieved as much as I feel like I have (by my exhaustion) this week 🙂

    Simple baby boy quilt

    I had planned to sew another for my October Blankets of Love contribution, but sick children and lots of work this week have kind of put a delay on that until next week.

    So now I’m just down to a few things on my to-do list as well as my long term WIP list. It’s feeling so much more manageable now. YAY for these WIP Wednesday reports helping spur me on to getting stuff done.

    So WIPs stats are:

    Completed projects – 2 (2 quilts)
    Long term WIPs-  3
    Short term must-be-done-soon list – 4 (Christmas table runner swap, cushion for gift, October Blanket of Love, Quilt & finish Susan’s Blanket of love contribution)

    But as well a hugely busy work schedule at the moment and lots of orders to fill, I think I might have another reason to be distracted this week – take a look what finally turned up in my mailbox yesterday….

    FINALLY my purse frames & snaps arrived...
    Purse frames & magnetic snaps…

    TWO MONTHS these took to arrive!!!!!!!!!!!!! And after that it wasn’t even what I’d ordered – but I’m not going to complain because she actually sent me the more expensive coloured frames that I’d been eyeing up in the beginning but they were twice the price of the silver ones. I’d almost given up hope & I’d also ordered some more from somewhere else. So when that turns up I’m going to have double.
    I see lots of purses in my future!
    Lets hope these are as quick, easy & fun as everybody says! 🙂

    Linking up to Lee’s WIP Wednesday when it becomes Wednesday there…


    1. Poor croupy baby! Yuck! Looks like she was doing a good job inspecting.

      L*O*V*E the DQ swapper! It’s soooo cute. Your partner is sure to love it too. SURE to!

      I see many bags in your future…..!

    2. Kat, I love love love the quilting on the DS doll quilt. It’s to.die.for. I’m going to have to give that some thought for one of my quilts I adore it so much!

      It’s awful when your baby is sick . Panadol used to put Miss P to sleep. It was very handy since she was sick so often!

    3. Those purse frames are yummy! Can’t wait to see what you’ll do with them! Sorry about the croupy one…..I remember the day! (And thank God those days are over for me!)

    4. Love your DS quilt. It is so perfect. Surprised you can manage to accomplish anything what with two little ones and all. You have my admiration.

    5. Och, sure, my mother employed child labour all the time, and I turned out just fine. Admittedly she employed me to clean the house in exchange for pocket money, and my inclination to dust and hoover now is abuot nil, but still, I’m fine. Honestly… ;o)

      Love the wee quilts, especially those pinwheels, and those purse frames are gorgeous, where did they come from?

    6. Love the DS quilt as well as the baby quilt!
      I am also waiting for purse frames to arrive! Where did you order yours from, if you don’t mind my asking?

    7. That’s an incredible quilt. I am not sure why Joanne’s didn’t stock all of these gorgeous colors. I hope the baby feels better soon. Do you know of a great tutorial for those purses. I’d make some if I knew how!

    8. Poor baby hope she feels better soon.
      Love the doll quilt and you really are getting lots of lovely blocks for the cheeky quilt.
      Love love love those frames they were worth the wait.

    9. I hope your little one is feeling better this week. Have fun with your purse frames! I just made my first one today with a frame I’ve had for over a year because I was afraid to try it. It was so quick & easy & I love how it turned out. Now I can’t wait to make more & am glad I splurged on a few frames similar to yours.

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