WIP Wednesday…. {Finally!}


Shoot me now because I feel like I’m dying this morning! My 3 dear darlings (the dog is the third in case you are wondering how I suddenly developed another baby overnight) decided to tag-team me last night and wake me up over…. and over…. and over…. and OVER….
Yes well you get the idea! Lucky it’s school holidays and our schedule is on glide time I tell you!!

Sleep has been slim this week in general but last night was the pits!! Being woken up every 45 or so minutes until eventually everybody settled and slept between 5.30am (by which time I’d almost given up the will to be a mother!) until 8.30am was not fun and I do not wish to have a repeat again do you hear me girls!!
I have been heard to be moaning protesting recently to my friends that I haven’t had a sleep-in in a long time and my girls usually wake in the 5ams – but I do not think 8.30am actually counts as a sleep in if you don’t get to go to sleep until 5.30am does it! Hurumph!

Ok sorry – back to the task at hand… I’m finally getting time (as my children get babysat by the tv and generally destroy my lounge) to blog about my Work in Progresses (WIPS). Finally – because I have some cool stuff to show!

So lets do some show & tells shall we…

1. The Cheeky Quilt…
Fabulous progress this month on the cheeky quilt – hip hooray, hip hooray, hip hooray – 3 cheers for my bloggy friends sending me some blocks for this, because I sure know that I haven’t had any time to do anything with it myself other than admire how wonderful it’s looking together so far!

In the last 4 weeks (yes has it really been 4 weeks since I wrote WIP wednesday?!) I have received some beautiful blocks. Since there’s so many I will just show them to you in a mosaic I think. But if you click on the link at the bottom it will take you to my flickr stream and you can admire them in full scale. You should because they are great!!

Most recent 10 cheeky blocks together....

Ok so from top left to bottom right we have wonderful blocks made by:
My local friend Bec, Angie in Germany (if you have a blog Angie then please send me the link because so far I haven’t been able to find you…), Shay in Australia, Marg from Australia, Susan from England, Linda from New Zealand, Juliet from New Zealand, Jamie-Lee from the USA, Jamie-Lee again, and Sue from the USA.

Aren’t they a bundle of scrappy goodness together? I have laid them all out and put them together and it never ceases to amaze me how fabulous they look together!
Not to mention how unbelievably special this quilt will be to me!!

So thank you so SO much for your contributions ladies. I really appreciate it!
(and go check out their blogs and be inspired by their lovely creations if you don’t already follow them!)

27 blocks in my possession so far out of 49 required. I know of quite a few on their way to me still though.
Just a reminder that if you are wanting to contribute (which I’ll love you for) then the end of October is the last call so that I can get started on them in November for my birthday 🙂 🙂 🙂

2. Scrappy Wonky House Blocks,  
Yes well… no progress here I’m afraid. Will be cutting it fine if I’m wanting to finish this in time for Christmas I suspect, but well – I always do work best on last minute things so it’ll get there (being bound at 11.45pm Christmas Eve I suspect!!)

3. Quilt for my lounge…
Woo hooo – some more progress!! Over the last couple of weeks I a) made a decision what I was doing (yay me! that’s not my strong point!) b) dilegently cut up all the fabric…

Fabric cutting in process...

c) Made a trial block…

Trial block for Sew Aussie

and d) sent them all away to my lovely Sew Aussie bee ladies to make them for me. Yay for lovely Sew Aussie bee ladies!!
Only 1 more block for me to sew for this and hopefully come November I will have all the blocks finished, in my possession and ready to piece. Yay! 

4. Improv squares… 
So no progress here again… Think I might just quit on these and put them right to the bottom. I really have no plans for them anyway. So they can’t really be considered a WIP…

Finishes & new projects…
As you know finished 2 pouches yesterday for swaps (YAY that!) and started on a dolls quilt for a 3rd. And as well as that – just because I’m completely CRAZY I joined my good friend Susan’s Christmas table runner swap. I almost didn’t – but I felt too bad. I couldn’t very well miss out on Susan’s first time as swap mama could I – and plus the girls in the swap are all deliciously uber talented so it would be fun to receive something from them to adorn my Christmas table.

Here is my inspiration Mosaic…

Christmas Table Runner swap mosaic

Makes me want it to be Christmas now!
So anyway the point of that was that I’ve added another 2 projects to my WIP list… These really are the last swaps I’m doing this year honest! 

So WIPs stats are:
New projects – 2 (DS dolls quilt & Christmas table runner)
Completed projects – 4 (2 pouches & 2 lots of swap blocks)
Currently in progress –  3
Abandoning beyond all hope – 1

Not too shabby progress on these YAY!

You don’t even want to know how long my other work-related sewing & creating list is though. EEK!
One step at a time… one step at a time…

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  1. Kat, as a new follower I have only just heard about your Cheeky Quilt! I’d love to contribute! i suppose it is a 12.5 inch block? Any particular colours, besides some pink? Let me know, I’m already planning!

  2. Love that trial block, it’s great! And love your mosaic for the table runner swap, its a fab swap isnt it? Can’t wait till we get our partners and get started 🙂

  3. I love your trial block for the Aussie Bee. Should be an awesome quilt when it comes together! I had a sleepless night last night, too, thanks to a few little boys, so I completely sympathize! Hope your girls settle down tonight so you can get some rest!

  4. All the log cabin blocks look so pretty together. That’s going to a quilt filled with love and warm hugs from friends.

    I keep thinking about Susan’s swap but honestly I dont want the pressure of two swaps at once!

  5. The Cheeky Blocks look so great all together! You’d think we were all picking fabrics from the same color piles…:D
    Your X Block sample looks terrific too – that will be a cool-looking quilt.

  6. I feel ya on the no sleep thing- you start to go completely loopy after a while. Hopefully you’ll get some sleep tonight? I’m sending your 3 little ones (dog included) happy sleeping thoughts. 🙂

  7. I can sympathise with you on the no sleep thing, and I don’t have young children to keep me awake. Just one annoying cat, and very bad sleep patterns.
    Wow lots of blocks already for the cheeky quilt.
    I love your trial block, fabulous range of colours and great design, yum!
    I would love to join the Christmas swap but I can barely keep my head above water, maybe next time.

  8. Love the trial block! I have something like that on my if I win the lottery and have nothing but time to sew list.

    Pesky children! Don’t they know sleep = happy momma. If momma ain’t happy nobody is happy!

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