When life gives you lemons….

    Make Lemonade….
    Our lemon tree has been fruiting abundantly this year! Even after the neighbours, our friends & all my visitors have taken some, we are still left with soooooo many lemons! 
    Today I decided it was time to do something with them that didn’t just call for 1 lemon & a dozen other ingredients! I wanted to use them up in quantity…
    So we made good old fashioned lemonade. Mmmmm mmmmm mmmmmm…..

    Littlest Flutter wasn’t quite so sure about it at first. She usually only gets to drink water or milk – so I guess the taste & the feeling of all those bubbles would have been a bit of a surprise at first!
    But she went back again…
    thought about it some more & 
    went back again…. and again…. 
    and despite all the face pulling she very quickly produced an empty cup for me; 
    So it can’t have been all that bad!
    Other good lemon recipes gratefully received, as we hardly made a dent in our supply! 


    1. how wonderful! we used to live in california where lemons grow all over, but here in colorado there are no lemon trees. i just the love the way they smell!

    2. Why not juice them and freeze in icecube trays? That way you always have lemon juice on hand when you need it. I’ll grab some next time I am over if that is okay, have a to die for lemon concentrate recipe that is great for summer, only problem is I have to find it 🙂
      Enjoy your lemonade.

    3. I LOVE lemonade, but here is another great thing you can make with lemons, lemon sorbet 🙂 And lemon icecream and lemon cupcakes 🙂 there is a ton of recipes online..
      I wish I could have a lemon tree, but it is too cold in Denmark 🙁

    4. Lucky you! Lucky you! Look at the blue sky and bright yellow lemons! Not sure a lemon tree would do well here, but that would be so cool!

    5. Oh I LOVE lemons, I wish I had a lemon tree…

      Anywho, things to make – lemon curd, lemon marmalade, lemon sorbet, lemon ice cream, preserves for middle eastern type meals (tagines and the like), the juice/zest itself is great with some shallots, garlic, a pinch of chilli flakes an equal quantity of white wine and some prawns – quickly cook the prawns first in a little butter and olive oil, remove from pan, then add the shallots, garlic and chilli flakes, cook until soft, then throw in the lemon juice, white wine and lemon zest, reduce by about half, then chuck the prawns back in to heat through and serve with rice or steamed broccoli. I’ve also got a great Morrocan lemon chicken soup recipe. Um, think that should keep you going ;o)

    6. I want the lemon chicken soup recipe LOL… I am a freezer in ice cube trays, and I also freeze the zest in teaspoon size quantities…

      Also… as for your table runner post… you have WHITE kitchen chairs with two kids? brave Mom LOL!

    7. My best friend’s Mom used to freeze the juice in ice cube trays – then we would take a baggy-full of them to the beach with us. By the time we got there, they were mushy & we would rub it in our hair to lighten it in the sun! LOL
      My Mom made the BEST lemon merangue pie – but she made it by taste & had no recipe, so it’s lost to us now. We had some double lemon pie yesterday for dessert after lunch!
      Did anyone else say lemon bars?
      Now my mouth is watering!

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