Sunday Snippets…


**  Thought I’d change things up a bit this week since I didn’t get to do my Tuesday Tidbits post last week…

**  I’ve had a fairly low-key weekend thanks to another dose of head cold & a wicked sore throat

**  Yesterday I stayed in bed most of the day thanks to Mr Flutter’s Daddy daycare service. Bless him!

**  It was exactly what I needed – Lemon & Honey drinks, new seasons of my favourite TV shows online & getting my Google Reader down from 400 to 0. And I even read almost all of them rather than pushing “mark all as read”!!

**  Come the afternoon I decided to roll out of bed & pretty myself up because we had our churches birthday celebration dinner & AGM to attend. I really didn’t want to miss it, so I drugged up to kill my headache & frocked up…

The hubs & I
The Hubby & I

**  I didn’t scrub up too badly considering I’d spent most of the day in bed with a headache feeling sorry for myself!

**  It was a really lovely evening but I made Neil take me home at 8.30pm as thanks to the pain killers making me dozy I could hardly keep my eyes open.

**  I’d LOVE to say that it was a good decision to go & I woke up today feeling totally awesome today, but unfortunately I woke up feeling like I’d swallowed some razor blades & could hardly talk.

**  By lunch time today I decided to harden up, because I hadn’t been able to sew in nearly a week and I wasn’t quite sure what was worse – feeling so sick, or having such bad crafting withdrawals. So I figured that since I could do something about once of those symptoms, I finally got out of bed.

**  And it’s a good thing too, because I turned out to be surprisingly productive…

Meet Scrappy Pouch 1:

A little Sunday sewing...

The inside...

The back...

& Scrappy Pouch 2:

Scrappy pouch front



Both were commissions, so hopefully both off to new homes this week…

And I also managed to finish the quilting for my table runner, although you can only have a sneak peak of this because I will take more when the binding is finished (and when it’s daylight!)…

Sneak peak of my quilting...

So all in all not a bad effort really!
Although I did make some incredibly silly mistakes thanks to dozey drugged brain – I don’t do well on pain killers,  (Or any drugs for that matter) as they tend to also numb what few brain cells I have left after giving birth!! But thankfully nothing too fatal.
– At least I hope nothing too fatal- the juries out on the quilting of the table runner until I see it in daylight tomorrow. Because I decided to be brave & quilt with green instead of my usual go-to white. I’m not yet convinced it was the best decision, but hopefully seeing it in daylight will make it grow on me!

Hope you had a nice weekend!


  1. 1. You always look beautiful – even when you are full of cold.
    2. The pouches are gorgeous.
    3. The tablerunner is fab and I think the green was a brave and good decision.

  2. You really do look gorgeous in that photo. Nobody would actually believe you’d spent the day in bed feeling under the weather.

    Love those scrappy pouches and the recipients will be totally thrilled.

    Sometimes you just have to bust out and give your quilting some colour. I bet it looks fabulous in the day light.

  3. Sorry to hear you`re not too well Kat…love your scrappy pouches and I bet the tablerunner is going to look great. Love the photo of you and the hubster.

  4. Lovely picture of you & Neil! I never would have thought you were drugged up at all… 😀

    The pouches look fab – hope you sell a bunch more too.

    The green quilting looks really good to me.

    Hope you’re feeling better by now.

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