I just had the best morning fabric shopping with a friend (more about her in a minute)!
    What fun though!
    We drove down south to visit 2 stores, one of which often has designer fabric at very discounted prices. Although it’s only ever 1-2 prints out of a range & it’s just pot luck what you get, it’s one of the best places I know to buy designer fabric locally without breaking the bank. And I mean really breaking the bank – because my favourite Perth fabric shop, while lovely, generally starts at $23 per metre and mostly is more around $25-30 per metre. OUCH! I even picked up a fabric last time then put it straight down when I saw the $60 per metre price tag. Ummm… I think not!
    Needless to say I do not frequent it often, and now you know why I almost exclusively shop online from the USA!

    So I had another stash building session this morning. Pretty much 100% from the bargain table and some as low as $2 a metre. Almost all under $5 per metre. LOVE it!!

    Today's shopping...

    Some great basics in there, 3 really nice text prints, and also some beautiful cord which will make lovely dresses for the girls next winter.

    Anyway, said friend (who shall remain nameless to protect her identity and in case our husbands should see fit to ban us from seeing each other 😉 ) has recently got into sewing. And is very good at it too I might add!! She makes truly beautiful things!

    Only thing is she is not a quilter….
    Therefore does not think like a quilter….
    Therefore does not see the value in scraps of fabric….
    Therefore can you believe used to throw away her scraps…

    And I mean some seriously delicious scraps!
    So after some fairly heavy ear bashing from me (ok I was actually nice I promise – just horrified lol…) she just gifted some scraps for me. Bless her cotton socks!
    Check out my new scrap bin additions:

    Free scraps

    Nice huh!

    Pretty good to know a friend who doesn’t know the value of scraps tee hee… Don’t worry though I was nice and gifted her some yardage from my stash in return. (a couple of “my uglies” in actual fact heh heh heh).

    What a cardinal sin though. I can’t believe this stuff was actually destined for the bin! (I bet she is laughing at me now as she reads this!)

    Do you throw away your scraps or do you squirrel them away like me for future use? If you are a “thrower awayer” then I promise not to give you an ear bashing…
    {I’ll just send you my address LOL!}

    As you know I keep every useable piece of mine and my scrap stash is quite large these days…

    My 2 scrap bins.

    Large scraps on the bottom & small scraps & strips on the top.
    But as you’ll know if you follow me that they do get used – & often! Because I do oh so love my scraps!


    1. 3 cheers for scraps!! I’m a scrap lover too!! I’ve got 3 boxes which means time for another scrap quilt!! It’s like making something out of nothing. I wonder how long it’ll take for your friend to be tempted to make a quilt?

    2. Oooh, well shopped there, great bargain selection. Alas, our local fabric store considers 10% on its £10+ per metre quilting fabric a discount…

      As for the scraps, I have a growing scrap bin full of them, althugh I am sensible about what is keepable and reusable, and what really really needs to hit the real bin!

    3. I adore scraps. It blows my mind what you can make out of them when you put your mind to it.

      I literally shuddered when you said your friend threw her fabrics out. Sacrilege!

    4. She was going to throw away that Riley Blake!!! Hanging offence here! Please send her my address. You, obviously, are overflowing with scraps and the bins are at max. I’m just a poor lonely Brit quilter who needs all the scraps she can get. 😉

    5. Scraps rock!!! You never know when the smallest scrap might come in handy.
      I’m so excited that one of my lovely followers (who makes awesome kids clothes) has offered to send me a bag of her scraps… can’t wait for the happy mail!

    6. I bet I can guess who said friend is 🙂
      I have always kept my scraps but more for the kids to craft with…that was until you introduced my to the scrappy mug rugs I made…now I am squirrelling my scraps away for myself 🙂


    7. I’ve been keeping my scraps, but I’m having a hard time using them. You know me and scrappy, it has to be co-ordinated, and so far I don’t have enough scraps. Maybe in two or three years i’ll have enough and be able to work with them.

    8. Hi Kat! How nice to hear that you had great fabric shopping! And a friend who don’t need scraps – wow! There is hardly enough small piece for me to throw away! Even the tiniest can be just the needed colour for dog’s ear.
      xxx Teje

    9. Oh how fun for you. And what I’m about to tell you may make you faint. I just finished a beginner quilt piecing class at a local quilt shop. Guess what she tells everyone….THROW OUT THOSE SCRAPS! You do NOT NEED them. She even grabbed mine and tossed them one week but I sure set her straight right away. AND the other woman by the last class was giving me her scraps including her batting scraps too. hehe

      I couldn’t believe that. But I think I figured out why later although I won’t say my thoughts on that publically.:)

      Anyway YAY for you. Those are some awesome looking scraps. I need to find someone that buys more fabric than me because I have sad looking boring scraps. Most of mine are baby fabrics since that’s all I’ve been working with for the past four years. And most of that fabric actually did get trashed since I used it in the best way possible without much leftover so those scraps were tiny bits. I want pretty scraps now so it’s time to sew for adult people. lol

    10. When I first started quilting, I didn’t save my scraps. But I didn’t toss them either – I gave them to my quilt teacher! I knew she did applique & used the little bits that I wouldn’t.
      But I do have a scrap bin of my own now….

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