Nosey Parker in the Neighbourhood #2 – The Questions…

    new linky party coming soon...

    I’m so excited about the feedback & level of interest in my Nosey Parker in the Neighbourhood linky party. It’s going to be sooooooo much fun!!

    So much interest, and so many great questions suggested in fact that I’ve decided to make it a regular feature. I think I might throw a nosey party every month with a new set of questions for us. Not for ever, but for a few months until we run out of good questions & we’ll see how it goes… How does that sound?

    I know a huge amount of the questions you offered were about sewing & sewing spaces – I love that! Obviously that’s what I’m into as well!
    But I think to really do them justice we should do a sewing feature all on it’s own.

    So – the first list is going to be very generic. A basic get-to-know-you & introduction list.
    Then in December we’ll do a Christmas feature, exploring how we each spend Christmas in our different parts of the world & different cultures…
    Then the 3rd & 4th months (January & February)v(plus the 5th etc… if we keep it going) will be all about sewing & craft. Yeah!

    Without further ado here are the questions for the big launch day…

    17th November 2011

    1) Tell us about your home:
    Where do you live; (town, state, country that is – obviously not your street address!!)  & what is it like e.g. do you live by the beach or a lake or in the desert etc…, is it famous for anything in particular (e.g. industry), and maybe what is the climate like etc…

    2) What are the houses like in your area. Apartment style, Joined, Semi-detached, Detached etc…

    3) What are some of your favourite places to visit or favourite things to do in & about your town/city. – Show us plenty of photos here if you can.

    4) How do most people travel around your town/city? E.g. subway, bus, bike, what are the most popular styles of car.

    5) Is there a type of food that would be quintessential to where you live? E.g. a famous local produce etc…

    I think 5 questions each time is more than enough – but feel free to tell us anything else you think we’ll find interesting about where you live 🙂


    A few tips for your post:

    **  When you are writing it try and break the text up by putting lots of pictures, and headings if you can.
    – paragraph breaks are really good!! Lots of pictures are also really good!! 🙂

    **  Try & pre- write it so that you are all ready to go for the 17th November, but don’t post it in advance

    **  Please add the button to your blog or post & link back the relevant Nosey Parker Linky Post – blog button now down the side. All you need to do is copy & paste the code into your post. If you want to add it to your blog bar as well then you just need to add that code as an html gadget. Let me know if you want help with this…

    **  Feel free to blog about it in advance & let everyone know it’s coming up so that as many people as possible who want to can join in.

    And that should be it – lets have fun getting to know each other!

    Just as a bit of a teaser shot of what will be coming up in my post –
    – this is a shot taken yesterday of Hannah & my brother playing at our local beach, 2 minutes drive from my house (yes we probably could have walked but we had too much stuff to carry and it was hot!)

    Beautiful hey?!
    Needless to say that is one of my favourite parts of our neighbourhood!!

    Happy preparing everyone!
    Let me know if you have any questions…


    1. I can’t wait to see where other people live because I think where I live is not interesting in the least! :oD

      BTW – there’s something wrong with your HTML coding – way too many a hrefs and title words in there which is making it have odd boxes before the bird image and stray code after it. I’ll send you an e-mail with what I think the code should be so you can sort it.

      (Crumbs, that sounds all know-it-all-ish. I don’t mean it to sound like that at all! *blush*)

    2. Oh this is great fun Kat – how did I miss all the build up and questions?? Anyways, delighted to join you and it`ll force me out to take some photos of fave haunts. Roll on the 17th!

    3. I didn’t realize you lived so close to the beach! Looks like it was a fun day. This’ll be a fun linky party! I’ve got one going on this weekend with a giveaway, if you get the chance you should check it out. 🙂

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