New babies…

Have I mentioned lately that I love my husband? – Because I should have!!

One of the only advantages, if not the only advantage of my husband working away for my birthday is that we got to do my birthday shopping early this year.

So let me introduce you to my 2 new babies, courtesy of the lovely Mr Flutter…

I love my husband! by Flutter from.Kat (Mummastimetocreate)

Miss Bernina the over-locker in the box on the left (eeek – she’s a learning curve and a half!)
& Miss Pfaff the new-to-me sewing machine is pictured on the right. Miss Pfaff seems a little less daunting so far! She’s quite an old girl but a good quality one at that, and she sews wonderfully. She will make a great spare machine for my students who don’t have their own…

So excuse me if I’m a little preoccupied for a while – I have quite a bit of playing to do with my new toys…
And just between you and me, I’m kind of hoping that Miss Pfaff might clear up some of my recent shirring dramas & get that working nicely for me. In which case I will be making my girls some lovely dresses asap.
Either way, I expect a lot more kids clothes in my future.
Yay – can’t wait!!

Wish me luck with Miss Bernina though – we’ve already had our first swear words with her (trying to thread her). Any advice on good serging websites you know of would be greatly received! I need ideas for some cool projects to use her for mostly.

But if I get lost in my office for a few days I have some other projects I can at least show you in the meantime until I come up for air.

Take care


  1. Depending on where you got your overlocker from, they should provide a “new owners” service to show you how to thread her and teach you some different stitches etc….
    I got my Janome and included was an afternoons class.
    Mind you it was so flipping long ago I’ve forgotten most of it!!
    Have fun with her anyway!


  2. It is always nice to get toys. I’m so excited for you. You sound well, I am glad. Thanks so much for your nice email to me. Meant a lot. I’m not alone. Now with that said play and make something pretty.

  3. Good luck on the overlock machine. I have one that I use rarely only because I’m afraid it will become un-threaded and then I’ll be lost! Why do they have to be so hard to thread?

    My battle today will be loading on my new laptop version 6 of the Bernina embroidery software. So far nothing has been easy loading and transferring to my new laptop so I’m very scared.

  4. I recently mentioned to my husband that I was tempted to get an overlocker. I was expecting him to roll his eyes and tell me I didn’t need one, but he was surprisingly receptive to the idea.
    Will be very interested to hear how you get on. How did you decide which brand model to buy?

  5. I’ve had my overlocker for a really long time – at least 13 years – and can count on one hand how many times I’ve threaded it up. Oh, not because I don’t change the colour but because I just tie my new threads on to the old ones and pull them through. Then you only have to thread the threads (!!) through the eyes of the needles each time. Much easier than threading the whole shebang each time.

    (I wonder why it’s called “shebang” and not “hebang”? Mmmmm. :oD)

  6. Nice presents, Mr Flutter and Happy Birthday to you, Kat. I must confess, my new Bernina overlocker has been sitting here idle as it’s a little too daunting. My old overlocker is sitting on the floor and so I’m zig zagging. I must put aside a day to get to know my new machine. Have fun with yours!!!

  7. Oooooh! New toys!!!
    I don’t have an overlocking machine, so am no help whatsoever with that. Just remember to BREATHE…and read the directions. 😀
    Hope you have LOTS of fun Miss Pfaff – seems like you’ve already made friends with her!

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