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I have not had time (well time when I’ve had energy) to craft for 3 days now…
And I am in a bad mood today!…
So I suspect the two things are directly related
Ever get this feeling too?
The dreaded craft withdrawals…
It is a long weekend this weekend & Neil is home, so hopefully I will get a chance to do something at some point over the weekend at least…

Anyway since I’m not working on anything new it’s a good chance to show you a few projects that I’ve made in the last few weeks that I haven’t recorded here yet.

First up another scrappy pouch using my tutorial. I made this for my partner in the scrappy swap that I am running to give her another option from the last one I made….

Scrappy swap pouch front

I continue to love this pattern & method! It’s so fun!!

Here is the other side:

Scrappy swap pouch back

Amazing what a difference a bit of lace, ric rac & ribbon make to the overall finish too – I think they made this pouch personally. I wasn’t digging it much at all before I added those, but I really quite like it now!


Which one my partner receives in the end will remain to be seen when it turns up in her letterbox…

The second pouch I made last week was inspired by this stack of fabrics that arrived in my mailbox recently:

Newest bundle

I know, I know… more fabric shopping. This arrived a while ago actually – and what can I say, I can’t resist a sale of Japanese fabrics!

I thought that the yellow & green frog fabric in the middle was so darn cute & went so well with the other fabrics around it that I couldn’t help but cut into it straight away to make something for someone who did me a favour recently…

new pouch... the front

new pouch... the back

new pouch... the inside

I love this pouch!
It was pretty cool making something funky using colours outside my normal colour palette for a change too.

The froggy pouch is either going to end up in my market stock or shop now, so if you are interested to own it then let me know 🙂

And last but not least I have to show you my favourite project this week…

I made a dress this week to try out my new Miss Bernina overlocker. It was supposed to be for my shop!
But it didn’t turn out quite the size I thought it was going to so I tried it on Abbie to get an idea of what size it was. She was sooooo happy in it and ran around giggling and all cute that it broke my heart to make her cry by taking it off!

When half an hour later I had to go into my office to get some cello tape to wrap a present and she went over to it and asked for it again in her cute little baby language I just couldn’t resist & caved in. She may not have been using words as such but she was certainly clear in her intent! “Please mummy… please please pullleeeassseeee….” by way of pointing and saying “errhhh uhhh erghhh eh Ta Ta Taaaaa” (her word for thank you gimme gimme) lol….

I make lots for her older sister but Abbie always misses out because she can’t yet talk plus she gets all the hand-me-downs and doesn’t really “need” any more clothes. So it was nice to dress her in a cute little dress that was new to her for a change…

Latest Mummy-made creation
I mean really – could you resist that cute face?

She’s just positively delightful at the moment! I just love this age, it’s so fun!!

I also got both of those fabric on clearance at a ridiculous price which is always a bonus, and I just think they look soooooo cute as a little dress.

Now onto a cushion cover for a gift to someone special to me, finishing my Christmas table runner, and making some more pouches.
When time allows that is!

More creative spaces here…

Oh & by the way – I will put out the list of questions for our first Nosey Parker in the Neighbourhood on Saturday so that you can all start preparing your posts. So keep an eye out for it then fellow nosey neighbours 😉
Can’t wait – it’s going to be so much fun!!


  1. Oh, that’s just too sweet. I can certainly understand why that dress dodn’t go in the shop.
    You’ve made som great pouches as usual too. Hope you get some more creative time soon 🙂

  2. Love both of those pouches, great colour combos (so sad you had to fabric shop just to make one of them…)

    Hee hee, can see how you couldn’t resist that wee face!

  3. You, my dearest, are in B*I*G trouble! Little Miss already has you wrapped around her finger LOL
    But you’re right – she is so adorable & soooo happy in her new dress. Nope, as they say:

  4. 1. confused… you made a pouch for someone and now you’re selling it? Or did I miss another pouch?

    2. Dear me! That picture of Abbie is priceless! She could be a little dress model!

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