Horsey horsey don’t you stop…


    …. Just let your feet go clippity clop…

    This is the beginning of a song which I sometimes sing with my girls.
    Although I can’t recall what it’s from or who it’s by.

    But it sums up my general attitude to life.

    Because I am a girl who goes well with momentum.
    When the button is on go, I do nothing but
     go, go go…
    make, make, make…
    do… do… do….

    I tend to have only 2 speeds – Go & Stop.
    No in between speeds.
    Just one extreme or the other.
    – And my Go speed tends to be more a “Go like the clappers until you finish as quickly as possible” speed.

    Yeah really – it does. With life & with sewing.
    My poor sewing machine gets worn out of going full speed and my husband actually apologizes to my car for me not giving it a chance to warm up first before I Go!
    {Although this is possibly not news to you if you’ve been hanging around here a while.}


    But once I do stop, oh brother it can be hard to get going again! 
    Once that stop button comes on, even if it’s not accompanied by burn out, it just tends to get stuck.
    Just.does.not.budge. and want to Go again…
    I then need a crow bar or a winch to get going again and haul my butt off the couch…

    And I recognise this about myself.
    That is why when I am in “Go mode” I try and ride it, go with it.
    Make hay while the sun shines so to speak.
    And get as much “done” as humanly possible, as quickly as possible.
    And generally avoid stopping…

    But I have just hit a stop phase in my creativity.
    After go, go going for the last month or so, after getting all the big jobs out the way on Thursday I gave myself the evening off to watch some tv and relax.
    I have not been able to Go ever since.
    My new purse frames are sitting there staring at me to have fun with them and make something pretty!
    My to-do list is not any smaller!
    and yet I just can’t muster up the motivation.

    But I’m trying to work out if I mind.
    To be honest I don’t think I do!
    For now.

    I’m just enjoying being stopped,
    Not sewing
    Not making
    Not blogging every day
    Not working on anything that can wait.

    To instead spend time
    watching my girls – drawing with them, laughing with them, reading to them…
    Going to a women’s conference and being refreshed (where ironically the theme was to “Go”!!)
    Sucking it up and doing the niggly jobs (my tax…*sigh)
    Watching movies
    Actually trying to sleep
    Looking forward to spending some time with my husband when he gets home tonight!
    Relaxing, and just being…

    It’s bliss!
    I have also been watching my favourite tv shows online that haven’t been released in Australia yet.

    Sometimes a stop is just necessary to refuel for the next leg of the journey!

    But I am aware that I have things to sew this week for the market this coming weekend, so I’m going to have to find that Go button again soon!
    Anyone have a crowbar handy?

    Being around people motivated to learn craft always motivates me – their enthusiasm is infectious.
    So I’m really looking forward to the classes I am running this week!
    I’m sure that will help me push go again…

    But even still, sometimes it would be very beneficial to have more than 2 speeds!!

    In the meantime I do apologize if I have not commented on your blog recently.
    While my Go button has been on this last month my google reader has got up to 1100 unreads.
    I really can’t see myself catching up with them I’m afraid, despite keeping them there with that intention, so today I’m just going to bite the bullet and press all read.
    I really wanna know what you’ve all been up to as well!
    But something just has to give.

    Does anyone else out there just have 2 speeds?

    What is your method of getting going again once you’ve stopped?


    1. I think sometimes the mind knows what the body needs, maybe going all the time drains out your creativity tank. You’ll get going again when the tank fills up, it’s good to have a break every now and then 🙂
      I don’t really have a method for getting going again other than just saying “Ok, I need to work on..” and then I just start thinking about it, getting my mind ready to start. That helps me 🙂

    2. I usually get out of STOP mode when I have to get something done for someone else. Not really any special tricks…just deadlines LOL

      By the way – I’ve been working with cars for a LOOOOOOOONG time. Unless you’re driving a vehicle built, say, in the 1960s, and live in the snow, it shouldn’t need to be warmed up before you go. They just aren’t built that way anymore. The MOST important thing about taking care of your vehicle is to get the oil changed regularly. Easy for me, as I work in the service department of a Chevy dealership. But I’ve only owned 3 cars – sold the first one with about 130,000 miles. The second one I sold to a friend with the odometer stuck at 230,999 5 years ago, and he drives it every day. My “new” car is 5 years old & has 66,000 miles & runs great! 😀

    3. You are not ‘stopped’. You are just refocused on the most important things in your life – your family. Bet your days are still full! Enjoy Neil’s return and life in general. You only get one chance at life. You’ll remember the smiles and laughter long after you forget about what you made for Market.

    4. The tail goes swish and the wheels go round
      Giddy up, we’re homeward bound!

      My mum sang it to me and my brothers, and I sang it to Zaki…enjoy your breather Kat. I am the same – I tend to `go` all day and then flop in the evening unable to get up.

    5. What a thoughtful, reflective post. It’s good that you know and accept yourself and go with it. I have been amazed at your quilting productivity during this last Go! phase. I think its great that you’re spending time with your girls, catching up on TV and deciding to delete the 1,000 blog posts in your box– that’s a looming weight. You’re doing what you need to do to take care of you and that’s ok. I’m rather stuck in a snail’s pace right now, but the things that keep me going are my kids, and I refer frequently to my calendar/organizer. Being in a swap with a deadline helps, too. It’s great that you teach quilting classes.

    6. Oh I’m so glad to know I’m not the only one with this ‘built in feature’. I sometimes find my arse planted in front of the puter, reading through all my blogs, then going through Pinterest, then wondering what on earth else I can do that doesn’t involve getting off said arse and tackling that mound of projects next to the sewing machine. Oh well!

    7. Go easy on yourself! You are a supermom and you need a break sometimes!

      When I get stuck, I need pressure to get going again…like a deadline. Otherwise, it might be a while before I get off my rear.

    8. Sometimes you just have to accept you cant read 1100 posts and move on. (that’s an insane number of posts my friend !)

      I have two speeds too and I spend about 95% of my life on “GO”. I never worry about the down times because I know that frenzied activity will kick back in at some point. So will yours . Enjoy the down time!

    9. I would love to be in the stop mode, but alas, too busy with orders. UGH! I’d like to just pack the whole mess away for awhile and read a book or 2.

    10. Oh yeah, I am a totally two speed girl. But if I don’t stop often enough I get nasty cold / asthma things happening, so my body stops me if I get going too too fast. I’m in a total “stop” mode as far as sewing. I’m half way through quilting a quilt (this never happens to me – I usually finish quilting in a matter of hours or days). But I did just get two seasons of Project Runway in the mail (they don’t let you watch the online streaming in Canada), so really, what’s a girl to do?

    11. I have to wait until the pressure mounts so high with all the stuff I should be doing – then I act like a headless chicken for a bit and then I get around to doing something! It is a bit exhausting though!

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