WIP Wednesday that wasn’t….


Today I was supposed to update you on my WIPs…
Well actually – last week I was supposed to update you on my WIPs… then I got busy and put it off for a week, then today my computer decided to up and pack a sad and die
 – big big sad face!!!!!!!!!!!

So no WIP Wednesday post again this week. Which kind of sucks since for a chance I have actually made great progress on two of my projects!
Ok well if we’re being honest then other people have made great progress on my projects for me – but it still counts if I coordinate it doesn’t it? I think so? Yes, lets go with it still counts!

Ahem… so yes I bought a new computer today.
– Because I took mine to the shop and they told me that there would be a 5 day delay before they could even take a look at it.
Ummmmm let me think about that… no! This girl cannot go 5 days without a computer! Especially when this girl has 3 big invoices to send out asap to get paid which she needs her computer for – and is also right in the middle of assigning swap partners for my swap. As well as all the other stuff I need to do for home & work on a daily basis.

A new machine has been on the cards for a while but we were hoping to put it off until next year. But oh well, sometimes these things cannot be helped. Amazing how reliant we are on them these days!!

So anyway, hopefully I will be back up and running properly in a few days. We are just trying to recover my old files and transfer them to the new machine etc… ack what a drama that I could have done without!!

Sorry everyone who has sent me cheeky blocks which I haven’t shown off yet. I promise I will as soon as I can!!

Take care


  1. Im with you …I had to do 5 days without a computer last year and it nearly killed me.

    Have fun getting everything copied over, My computer guy is a whizz at that sort of stuff!

  2. I know exactly how you feel about the computer!!
    I just put a new hard drive in mine (under warranty) & am still getting it set up & the files xferred. But….if it’s a hard drive problem with your old one, I just learned of a program that you can run on it that could quite likely repair it. (Then you’d have a spare computer?@!) It’s called SPIN RITE. It costs about $89 US, but is supposed to work near-miracles. If mine wasn’t under warranty, I would probably have used it. I’m keeping it in mind for future reference!

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