Tuesday Tidbits…


    **  I am currently procrastinating sewing so I thought I’d blog instead

    **  Why I have no idea because I’ve looked forward to sewing all week!!

    **  I suspect it is being so tired today. We are all having a stay at home and do nothing but loll about in our track pants day. (Well except me who’s cleaned my house from top to bottom & done 5 loads of washing – perhaps that could be the reason I’m tired!!)

    **  The only exciting thing that I have to report this week (and it’s mega exciting at that) is that I have had some FABULOUS parcels arrive in the mail… I think probably my best mail week ever!!

    Firstly an UBER generous return swap from Jamie-Lee

    Uber generous swap package from Jamie Lee

    Seriously how generous was she?! Goodies for my girls, 2 blocks for my cheeky quilt and oodles of fabric goodness. Thank you thank you THANK you Jamie! I really love it all and can’t wait to get sewing. I hope you loved my parcel to you just as much!!
    I will show off the blocks that Jamie made me properly at my next WIP Wednesday post but for now you just get this sneak peak.

    Secondly a charm pack of the latest Denise Schmidt line for Joannes/Spotlight from Leona:

    Charm squares from Leona

    Reviews on this fabric line have been mixed online but I actually really love it! I think the colours and prints are more me than the Picnic & Fairgrounds range. So I can’t wait to put these to use – thanks Leona!!

    Thirdly I may have had a little crazy big splurge during a recent Fabricworm sale….

    Stash building oh my
    Scraps down the front & half yards down the back…

    I love that place & have only ordered from there once in the past. But it was such a good sale & I also had a coupon so I went a little crazy. (Works out better for postage if you order it all at once – that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it 😉 ).
    I think this may just be my most favourite ever order of fabric! It is sooooooooo delicious in real life!! I also bought my first ever purchase of laminated cotton, so I can’t wait to give that a go in a makeup pouch and see how I fare with it!

    **  I think it’s just as well that I don’t track how I’m going in terms of using my stash instead of aquiring it because I sure wouldn’t be doing very well at the moment!! But that is the last fabric purchase for a while, honest. Well the last planned one at least LOL…

    **  I was a bit embarrassed to show that to you to be honest, because it’s making me feel very spoilt and decadent! But obviously I decided to anyway…

    **  Ok I’m going to stop procrastinating and go try shirring for the first time while Abbie is still sleeping.

    Wish me luck…


    1. I saw that fabricworm sale email and had to delete it ASAP. I nearly went wild, but controlled myself. I’m a little sad, now, looking at your goodies!

    2. ROFL, I’ve also just had a bit of a splurge, but what is extra surprise money to be used for but treating yourself? I’ve got loads winging its way to me right now, and like you, I’ve gone the whole ‘buy lots to make the shipping worth it’ approach… We’ll see what customs’ opinion of that is when they see it lol

    3. I’ve been so busy today I forgot it as Tuesday and didn’t do Quiltstory’s Fabric Tuesday. I love your fabric haul. Excellent stuff, whether from swaps or purchased. I would love to loll around in your stash and pick my favourite bits!!

    4. Love that fabric yumminess Kat. It’s all gorgeous.

      Hope it inspired you to create something wonderful.

      I love unwrapping fabric parcels. There is NOTHING more exciting.

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