and growing…
    and inspired…
    and challenged…
    and renewed…

    That’s what my weekend has entailed.

    I had a fabulous day at our churches women’s conference yesterday. A full day listening to this very talented lady sing and this very talented lady minister with words.

    The place looked beautiful – done up with fairy lights twinkling, and huge topiary lining the walls.
    We were waited on by men in white shirts & black bowties – what a treat to be waited on and not the ones waiting ;).
    The food was delectable – Yummy & beautiful cupcakes anyone?!
    The messages powerful.

    I came away with my heart full and my head challenged. Or should that be the other way around, I’m not quite sure?!
    All I know is that I have plenty of thinking to do of what is in store for me next!
    Of the good kind.
    It was exactly what I needed
    – Some refreshment for my soul!

    The theme of the weekend was Love. 
    Very apt considering that the name of the conference was Heart 2 Heart.

    One thing that moved me most over the weekend was this…

    Reads: “I always hoped someone would do something about that.
    Then I realised I WAS someone…”

    In this particular case it was given to us by Compassion International, and is referring to poverty.
    But the message I got from it was not just about poverty…
    It was a revelation about all areas of life…

    Along with a few of the messages that we heard over the weekend it challenged me to the very core of my thinking…

    We hear messages from “successful” people in business, or people who have started amazing organisations and are making and incredible difference in the world all the time.
    On the tv.
    On the radio.
    In the literature we read.
    I always enjoy hearing others’ messages of how they obtained “success” and love being inspired by their stories. But even though it inspires me and I’d love to achieve those things too, I struggle to make any changes in my own life because it’s so unrelatable to me! It’s too big.

    I just can’t bring myself “think big” like they encourage!
    When faced with a big dream I can’t fathom how to get there to the end…
    Whether it be a dream about business, or a dream of saving for a holiday, or a dream about how I’d like to be as a parent.
    It’s far too easy to think – “who am I to make an impact – I am nobody…”
    And it all just gets too overwhelming…
    Therefore I traditionally bury the thought and run in the other direction –
    Giving up before I’ve even started the journey to change.

    But what I took from the weekend was not something that was said.
    And it’s also not very conventional thinking…
    Instead of thinking big, I realise now that I actually need to think small.
    What are the very small things that I can do to make a change/difference?
    For example even just watching my tone around my children. Cooking a meal for a family in a time of need, even though Neil’s away and it’s hard enough to cook for my family.
    What small steps can I take to overcome one “excuse” at a time?

    Our singer Heidi Popp said to us at one point:
    “Whatever he has given you, it is enough to make a difference”
    and boy did that hit me.

    People don’t get to the the finish line of a marathon by one step…
    They don’t finish it without training hard either…
    They get there by one small step at a time…
    And all those small steps come together in the end to get to the final destination.

    So that’s what I came away with…
    I need to focus on the small.
    What small things can I do to make a difference to people’s lives and show love?
    Obviously I have a capacity as a mum. Financial capacity. Time capacity. Family limitations.
    But I’m not to use that as an excuse not to focus outward at all.
    I have things that I can do which are within my capacity.
    So I need to do focus on doing those.
    And over time my capacity will grow and they will grow into more.

    So that’s what I’ll be working on
     – Toning down my thinking so that I don’t become overwhelmed.

    I don’t mean not dreaming.
    I just mean changing the energy of my focus so that I’m focusing on taking one small attainable step at a time.
    Not rushing it.
    Just consistently putting one foot in front of the other and moving slowly in the right direction.

    And do you know what – I bet that I will have run a marathon of my dreams before long!!

    One which I would have never thought possible if I focused only on the big end result!

    But the most important factors are faith & love.
    Focusing outward not inward.

    Then all things are possible because love never fails…

    So I will be making a list of small changes that I can make in my life to think outside myself and give to others. I’m also not very good at being selfless, not selfish. But I am picking that the more I practice it the better I will surely get.

    Are you a successful big thinker or do you perhaps need to focus on the small steps too?

    A partially heavy post for an otherwise heavy day. 10 years today since 911 rocked our world. Also 10 years today since I (quite unrelated to the other events and ahead of time) got engaged. So my life really did change 10 years ago for better and for worse. Literally.


    1. It sounds like you had your emotional and spiritual cup filled at the conference and that you were inspired to think about things a little differently.

      I agree with the idea that if we worry more about our own actions and responses we can change to the world for the better. Even if it’s only our small part of the world we change!

      Glad you had such a wonderful day.

    2. That was very well written Kat, and appropriate to everyone. A kind word, a helping hand – small things can make big differences if you add them altogether.

      I think stepping back and appreciating what we do have rather than always wanting something we don’t have is important too.

      (And why didn’t this post appear in my Reader? I had to come looking for it.)

    3. Great post Kat! It sounds like you had a fabulous time at the conference.
      I know what you mean about that big picture. I took an online class that I’d hope would help me to be more consistent in my creativity in the way of being able to sell some of my work. But I just totally didn’t get what they were trying to tell me. I read all the lessons, but was not able to figure out most of what they wanted me to do with them. I felt mostly like they were talking in a foreign (say VENUSIAN) language! Ended up frustrated & quite a few $$ poorer. Sheesh.
      I think I have learned more from some of the blogs I’m now reading!!! (Your post today, for example!)
      So we’ll go together, baby steps at a time. 😀
      p.s. Have you been to Secret Agent L?

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