Scrappy swap 2011 – the launch…


So it’s no secret that I love fabric, and it’s also no secret that I love swaps! As you well know I have also recently developed a passion for making things out of “scraps” – it’s so fun to play with little scraps of fabric and see what crazy combinations I can come up with to create something fun out of essentially nothing much. But if you ask me it’s always slightly more exciting playing with someone else’s scraps!
So… I have decided (since I have so much free time on my hands at the moment and all that πŸ˜‰ ) that I am going to run a swap…

I’d love to introduce you to…

Coming soon to a blog near you...

Let me tell you all about it:
This is a small scale swap – so it’s a perfect swap for busy people. It’s also a great swap for beginner swappers. Please note though that this will be an international swap – so you must be prepared to mail internationally!
This swap will be “blind” – so only you will know who your partner is until everyone receives their goodies at the end. Please keep your partner a secret!

**Β  Sign up dates are now until 30th September
**Β  Partner assignments should be allocated by no later than 4th October
**Β  Sewing dates til end of October for swaps to be sent no earlier than 25th October & no later than 1st November.

Swap items:

**Β  The equivalent of a fat quarters worth of scraps; So for example if you laid out all your scraps so that they slightly overlapped then they should completely cover a fat quarter.
“Scraps” can be of all different shapes & sizes – e.g. charm squares, random small cuts, strips, fat 1/8ths etc… etc… but the smallest side must be no smaller than 2inches. So for example the total smallest you may include must be no smaller than 2 inches square.
( Please note that these scraps do not have to be “designer”. You may include scraps from your local quilt shops which aren’t considered “designer” – the key factors are that they must be good quality quilting/crafting fabrics and tailored to your partners tastes. (I will try my best to pair you up with a partner with similar taste).
**Β  A small scrap inspired goodie – for example a mugrug, pouch, needlecase, necklace, keyring/fobb etc… etc… something small which you have made from your scraps that you think your partner may like.
**Β  Something very small which is local to where you live. For example a postcard, fabric sample, confectionery item etc… etc… The emphasis of this item is small, and thoughtful and it should not have a monetary value of greater than say $3.

Other Criteria:

**Β  To be involved in this swap leave a comment on this post and as the bulk of the swap will be run via Flickr, you must also have a Flickr account. I will be setting up a form in the next couple of days which you will be required to fill out before the swap closes with info for your partner, but in the meantime you may go and join up to the Flickr group to keep watch for it.
**Β  To be included in this swap you must be either (or obviously you can be all of) an active blogger, already have an active Flickr account showing regular activity, or be known to me. I’m sorry if you are none of those things then you will not be able to take part. (I just need to know before assigning you a partner that you are in fact and active & hopefully reliable online user).
**Β  As previously mentioned you also must be willing to ship overseas. I anticipate that the shipping charge for this swap should be no greater than $10 (and hopefully well under that).
**Β  Partners will be randomly drawn from a hat – but I will try and avoid putting people together with totally opposite taste.
**Β  Once you have signed up please go and make an inspiration mosaic for your partner and add it to the Flickr pool.

I would also just like to say that large amounts of “extras” other than the swap items for this swap are discouraged. If you feel like you would like to send a few more scraps than a fat quarters worth or 2 small goodie items then that is fine, but please refrain from going overboard. This is designed as a small, low stress swap.

Any questions or if I’ve forgotten anything please let me know!
Otherwise lets have a fun scrappy swap!!

Go spread the word πŸ™‚

PS Because I know someone will ask – please feel free to use the blog button on your blog! If anyone would like to teach me how to make it so that you can just pinch the html code then I’m all ears to learn cause sadly I’m not currently that flash! πŸ˜‰ xx


  1. You make me laugh! You got that Market out the way and you already had this all lined up ready to go. Of course I’m in. That is, if I pass the criteria. πŸ˜‰

  2. Count me in .This sounds like a lot of fun.I’m already thinking of project ideas! I’m proud to say you are my first official swap because normally I worry about the people going overboard thing. I think I love you for posting those rules!

  3. Count me in too please, that’s if I fit the criteria, lol. Shay and I are virgin swappers. I love your rules as I really worry about the people going overboard thing too.

  4. Brilliant swap Kat! I am NOT going to join in but would love to follow along any posts that are done. Are you going to have a link up at the end? I have just put a lot of effort into a swap and so far have heard nothing from my partner as to whether she received my swap parcel or if she has posted one to me. I’m off swaps for a bit πŸ™

  5. Just wrote a comment, but not sure if it posted, so this may be a repeat. Yes, please– I would love to be a part of this swap– what a great idea! Thanks for hosting. I just finished the Mug Rug & Goodie swap with you (it was my first).

  6. I must be nuts – I have way too much to do – but yes please I’d like to join. I have a blog and a flickr account and a “history” in swaps.

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