WIP Wednesday…


Well so much for a bloggy break… haha. Too much to say – as usual 😛

I have had the most productive week with my sewing since I can remember, so I thought it would feel so nice to document what I’ve been up to so that I can see the results of my hard labour!!

1. Colourful Wonky Log Cabin Blocks…
No progress… unless I can count the 2 blocks that Mona has made me towards it. But that is probably cheating! LOL…

No progress… 
3. Baby boy quilt with no home…
FINISHED!! Hip hooray. Hip HOORAY!!
The inner part of the top was finished months ago and stashed in my drawer. On Tuesday I finished the sashing, quilted & bound. Now it’s all pre-washed, crinkly & ready to find a little person to snuggle… 
Obviously the name? part is Photoshopped
– it is waiting for a new owner before that part is finalized…

I bravely free motion quilted this in green thread (*gasp – that was a big step for me!) with a swirly star design…

 Oops can’t really see it well there – but it really is quite cool!
This is now listed in my shop.
4. Quilt for my lounge… & 5. Improv squares… 
No progress…
6. “Work” quilt…
ANOTHER finish!! Hip hooray. Hip HOORAY!!
This baby was a bundle of cut squares & applique hearts creating a whole mess of fluffy chaos in my drawer. So yesterday I pieced together the top, quilted & bound….

I also free-motioned this one. This time in light pink thread with a similar pattern – only hearts this time not stars. It gives it a really nice texture.
Also a first in this quilt – I used some micro-fibre fleece on the front which gives it a bit of texture & extra comfort. So soft – but a heck of a pain in the you know what to work with!
This one is also listed in my shop…

7. Bee blocks…
I also caught completely up to date with my bee blocks (which were on my waiting in the wings list). These two complete my July/August bee requirements (unless you count the 2 blocks I’m supposed to make for myself…)

Block 2 for July Sew & Bee-Happy
For Gwen in Sew & Bee-Happy

August block for Sew & Bee-Happy
For Henny in Sew & Bee-Happy

Both of my bees are finishing up now, one this month and one next. So in my crazy random thinking yesterday I decided to start another bee. This time for Aussie only members – because international postage is such a killer…
As of yesterday I now moderate a new Flickr bee… 

May I introduce to you Sew Aussie…

And would you believe that within 24 hours it was completely full, we have already agreed on the rules & months, and are all set to start in September. I only have 1 address still to collect. 
Now THAT is what I call efficient bee keeping – these girls are truly awesome!! I’m so excited to have an Aussie only bee 🙂

I have also made some super dooper cute pencil cases tonight for 2 of Hannah’s friends birthdays which was another job on my list to do, but I’ll have to share those another time cause no photos yet.

Oh and I nearly forgot, I also finished one of my waiting to be started jobbies… a little wipeable placemat for Hannah (because I’m sooooo sick of scraping sultana bran out of the gap between our table frame & the glass)

Hannah got to pick the fabric for this out of my scrap bin – can you tell by any chance?! Hmmm… all those pictures of ice-creams and cupcakes are SURE to help her wanna eat her vegies NOT. Ah well… we had fun making it together, that has to count for something…


So I guess you could say that I had a productive week!! I think too many more weeks like that and I just might keel over haha – but it feels SOOOO good to have kicked a few of my biggest procrastinators to the curb, despite the fact that I’m now exhausted!!
Next week I am going to get to do some fun stuff! That’s my rule!

This week’s stats:
New projects – 0
Completed projects – 7
Currently in progress –  4
Currently waiting to be started – 2

Um those stats are looking a bit better! (this week 😉 )

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  1. Hi Kat! You have had a good week!!! I love that baby quilt – beautiful pattern and colours! Also all your other works are beautiful!

  2. You HAVE been a busy bee this week! Way to go Kat!!

    I think my favorite is the boy quilt – just makes me smile. And Hannah’s mat too, princess & the sweets! lol

    I was just going to type that I haven’t finished anything this week…then I realized that I did! I finished crocheting a ‘string bag’ just yesterday! Ahh, my insomnia-clouded brain almost forgot….


  3. Stacks of progress…which one could assume may be related to your semi-internet-less state this week?

    I love the Henny block …very cute.

    Looks like an incredible week. You go girl!

  4. A very productive week, it makes a world of difference when internet time is reduced, I know from first had experience.
    The boy quilt is cute and I really like your bee blocks.
    Wow the Sew Aussie bee filled up very fast, hopefully I might be able to join in next year when I don’t have 24235984395824 projects on the go.

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