Personalized T-shirts & Giveaway #4…

    ** Giveaway closed ** 

    Shameless business plug today, sorry folks… guess there’s got to be some perks to all these giveaways 😉 LOL…

    I haven’t shared much about it recently but I’ve been busy making personalized t-shirts in the past month or so for my business. I keep forgetting to photograph them before they get sent out besides the fact that it would get a bit repetitive showing you every one!
    I can personalize t-shirts with textile vinyl with any text and also add pictures or peoples logos within certain parameters. The great thing about textile vinyl is that it looks so nice when finished, comes in a really cool variety of colours & textures, and washes & wears really well!

    Here are a couple of things I’ve been working on recently…
    A custom design for my 2 little nephews for their birthdays – a bit of a play on words with their surname. I kind of wish I’d thought of using “soperhero” & made them each a matching cape now – but that idea came just after I’d made these… typical! Perhaps a Christmas present idea instead…

    The following is a t-shirt that I’m making (100 of!) for a client with their logo on for their upcoming women’s conference…

    thanks Nell for the photo!

    My girls always look darn cute in their Flutter t-shirts even if I do say myself…

    couldn’t you just eat her up she’s so delicious!

    So today’s giveaway is… funnily enough…  a t-shirt from my shop. You can choose any t-shirt I have in stock (which I think is sizes newborn to age 6) & personalize it with your choice of my designs or a custom text slogan. Postage & everything included. Nice giveaway huh! I figure everyone must know (if not have) a child they could gift a cute personalized tee to right!

    Head on over and have a browse & tell me what you would like to choose if you get to win.  🙂


    1. Ooh! I have always LOVED the “teapot” design… pink and white for Miss Rebekah please 🙂

      P.S. I keep meaning to tell you that while I am definitely a follower, every time I try to post a comment using my Google Account, I get logged out! Hence me using just a name instead 🙂

    2. My guys are too big now but I have a niece that would be perfect for the “owl sisters” design.
      Thanks for sharing…and no shame in promoting if you can.

    3. Awesome giveaway! I loved the two shirts I bought from you for my friends little girl! and will be getting some for miss Emelia!! such great quality!!Bec xxx

    4. Love the T-shirts you did for your nephews. Very cool.

      Little P would love the dinosaur. You’re one clever Kat!

      Plug away ! Plug away!

    5. Your business website looks great!!! I would have to choose either the owl or matryoshka doll t-shirt for little sisters–the one with 3 on the front since I’ve got 3 little girls. Cute! Personally, the fairy is my favorite.

    6. Don’t know exactly what I’d get for my grandson…I’d talk it over with his mom but I’m thinking that excavator shirt with a saying of somekind…longsleeve…

    7. You should plug your business more because you make such wonderful designs!!! I would love another shirt for Dean as he’s outgrown the last one I got from you. I think i’d get a D is for Deano (dino) with a dinosaur 🙂 xx

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