I have an announcement…


And noooo…. I’m NOT pregnant!!! {well at least I hope not anyway!}


Last Friday, on the way back from my Kiwi mothers group, I got to thinking {always dangerous} after a conversation that we’d had that morning… It’s a conversation that seems to be recurrent in my life right now, and it always surprises me when it comes up {because of people’s seemingly awe of me – I really don’t get it}! So I dont’ know why that morning was any different, but anyway, I got to thinking about it afterwards and it stemmed an idea…

The conversation went something like this…
Cathedral Window pillow
One of the girls… “WOW! you are so clever and amazing- I wish I could sew like you!” (yes, brief head swelling moment!)
Me… “You SO should then – I only started sewing last year, so you totally could too, what’s stopping you?”
Them… “Seriously!! – you only learned last year?!! I can’t believe that! But how did you learn?”
Me... “Off the internet…”
Them… “Oh, I don’t think I could do that – I learn better by doing – I need someone to teach me…”
Me… “Well I’d be happy to teach you, it really is easy – you could totally do it!”
Them... “Could you – I’d love you too…”
Me… “Ok, lets do it then…”

Yes, these conversations always surprises me… because I really do feel very ordinary – but anyway back to the point –
… so I’ve lost count of how many conversations that I’ve had like this recently!
I love it that people want to learn to sew! – Totally love it!
And I love teaching people how to sew! {in the basic, self taught, lazy shortcut fashion & extent that I can anyhow!}.

But the thing is, upon examining my life – I just don’t have that much “spare” time these days. This term I’m out every morning with the girls at one group or other, and then every afternoon & many evenings when the girls are asleep I either need to work, do housework (yes it’s true – pfft) or I’m too tired to move off the couch. And more recently it’s mostly the latter 😉

So…. then I got thinking…
What if I could combine teaching people to sew with work. Then I could totally justify it right?
And I have this beautiful new studio in my house now which would lend itself perfectly to small classes?!

But… I don’t have any “qualifications…”
But… what if I teach them “wrong”…
but… what if…
but… but… BUT….

In other words I kind of got completely nervous about the whole idea (perhaps the biggest understatement ever).
… Very tentatively I decided to phone a friend – did she think I could/should do it?
Said friend was very encouraging {some could possibly even go as far as saying demanding! heh heh}
It gave me the boost I needed and I reasoned with myself, told myself to grow up and decided to go ahead with my idea.

So that my friends, is my VERY long winded way of saying that

Flutter from.Kat is now going to open a sewing school, to teach basic quilting & sewing!

**  It will be small, run from my studio at home, with 2-4 in a class.
**  It will be aimed at teaching people the basics.
**  I will run 2 separate courses…
beginner quilting – which will be a series of classes all linked to each other, &
beginner sewing – which will be more one-off sewing classes, making a project (such as a purse ;)) in one entire evening.

They will be aimed at busy people, who want to try sewing, but not yet sure if it’s for them. So the class cost will include all the materials (except sewing machine), with the aim of the sewing classes to take home a completed project at the end of the evening…

So if you are local to Perth then watch this space!! I plan to work on putting together some promotional material in the next week or so & setting up a page up the top with class information & timetables. By all means contact me if you are interested in knowing more in the meantime & I can let you know some more details…

And if you are not local to Perth – then I have a whole heap more tutorials planned in the coming months to share with you guys too…

So nervous times ahead! Times of change… Times of challenging myself to have some confidence… Times of pushing myself to learn even further…

But totally exciting times!!

There you go, that’s my news. I’ve been itching to tell you all week!
What do you think?


  1. You’ll be perfect for it. You are good at explaining things, have a great eye for fabric to help guide people and will be able to look over their shoulders and keep them from making mistakes so often by being one step ahead. And you won’t be like those dreaded old fashioned sewing teachers who wanted everything done by the rule book. The rule book is not always the best way, after all, and we both know that. Go for it!

  2. Way to go Kat…I think you’d be a brilliant teacher. Anyone who can get me to make a purse can do anything!

    Im so excited for you!

  3. It’s funny you should post this because I’ve been thinking of doing this after we move and I (finally) get my own sewing room! Best of luck and keep us posted on how things go!

  4. That’s excellent. I have friends ask to be taught all the time and I shrink from the idea. Then, like you, I start to dream of a little sewing school. I can’t wait to hear more about it.

  5. Congratulations on your new adventure, and congratulations on having the courage to give it a go. I wish I was in Perth! I would love to have the courage to do something like that (not sewing, I am really not very good!), but whenever i think of something it is my confidence in myself that prevents me from going any further. Good luck, i will look forward to hearing how it goes.

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