Work in Progress Wednesday…


I’ve always really considered myself a 1-2 project at a time girl!
Quite frankly I’m not very good at splitting my focus & I tend to be better off when working on 1 project at a time! But recently… (ok when I moved my new office and therefore had to tidy up a bit!)… it came to my attention that I was harboring a few unfinished fugitives (UFO’s) in my work in progress (WIP) drawer…

hmmm… !

Much to my surprise I have 6 projects in my work in progress drawer. That’s not counting my July bee blocks which I’ve been procrastinating with (and the fabric is sitting next to my cutting board eyeballing me to start cutting it!) and the 10 or so other projects which I’d like to start in the immediate future (and have some of the materials littered around all ready to start on).

Oh dear.
That is a few too many over my 1-2 usual!!!!!!!!
(and that is a few too much clutter in my work area for my liking!! – Yes I know it looks so tidy in the photos you’ve seen – but I assure you it only looked that tidy for about 8 hours (sleep time) after I moved in there!!)

So I’ve decided I need to join in on Lee’s Work In Progress Wednesday & see if I can churn through some of these unwanted fugitives… lets see how I can do!!

These are the current lurkers:

(apologies for the dismal night photos – and my camera died half way through doh!)

Colourful scrappy log cabin bee blocks – 

better pictures of the whole lot here…

Scrappy wonky house bee blocks for the girls playmat –

all the pictures of these here…

Baby boy quilt with no particular home – 

was intended for a friend, but I ended up making her another instead
so now this awaits a reason to continue…

A quilt in progress for our lounge – 
Perhaps I shall call this “the lounge around” – too corny?! LOL… (with 4 matching cushions intended as well – but I’m totally going to call this 1 project! otherwise my list might get a bit depressingly on the large side…)

This photo does not make them look the best – but I assure you they are actually very nice!

This was only started this week. I have a rough plan going in my head for it and have started the cutting. That is about as far as I’ve got! Masterchef has been a far more electric lure, especially given how cold it’s been this week!

Random improv squares – 
Another project I have on the go in a bunch of random improv squares that I started piecing with the idea of putting together for one of my besties. But I ended up gifting her this quilt instead. The blocks now sit there abandoned. They are quite nice so I should really do something with them!!

“Work quilt” – 
The last main project that I have in my drawer is one that I started for my website. I got stuck & it got abandoned. What can I say, the motivation to finish something for “work” just wasn’t there!!

– No pic for those 2 I’m afraid because my camera battery died. I guess I should pay more attention when it started flashing battery signs at me about 4 photography sessions ago! They’re really not much to look at at this stage anyway…

So there we go. There’s my current list of WIP.

I have finished a bunch of projects this week, including as you know a bunch of cute quilted purses (which probably don’t really count). I also today I finished a very necessary and quite useful dual purpose fabric protector / design wall. I will blog that tomorrow though – this post is long enough as it is!!

Therefore this week’s stats:
New projects -1 (or 5 if we count purses)
Completed projects – 1
Currently in progress – 7 (better count my bee blocks I think)

Just a little bit to do.

Pop over to this weeks WIP Wednesday to see what everyone else is up to.

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  1. Oh I love, love, love that scrappy log cabin! was drawn to it on Freshly Pieced! First time on your blog and I’m loving it!

  2. Hehe 🙂 Don’t worry about 6 (or 7) UFO’s – There are so many of us with truly staggaring lists that make yours look perfectly normal. (I went through my entire house in January and was ASTONISHED at how many I found – of course, a lot of those were from years and years ago, when life with 3 kids got too busy to give attention to quilting.) This year is all about cracking down on UFOs for me. I’m sure it’ll take all of next year, too. :/

  3. I’m with you, I usually don’t like having more than one or two projects going at once. It really wasn’t even until I started the weekly WIP posts that I started having more than one project at a time!

    Your scrappy houses are adorable, I’d like to try something like that one of these days.

  4. You have a WIP drawer?!?
    I have a whole cabinet full! LOL
    I blame it on the Gemini in me – each half wants to do something different….

    You’ve listed them, so now you can start crossing them off, right? Right!

    Good luck!

  5. I love the Log Cabin Bee Blocks …they’re my kind of quilting. Bright and scrappy!

    I have 5 projects on the go at the moment- any more than that completely does my head in. Three of those are at the quilting stage and I’m stuck there!

    Good luck with getting some of your WIP’s moving this week.

  6. I’m too frightened to even look at my WIP’s…there are far too many requiring my attention.

    Atleast your WIP’s are pretty to look at 🙂


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