Weekend’s "work"…


Well it has been a really productive weekend in this house.
After a really full-on week of sick kiddies, 3 trips to the doctor, 2 middle of the night trips to Emergency & multiple sleepless nights, we have been taking a well earned rest to recuperate! (so that’s what I’m counting as productive!)

I have been treated to breakfast in bed, takeaways, lie-ins & multiple sewing sessions by my darling husband {and spent the grand majority of the weekend in my pyjamas}.
Talk about bliss!!

So yesterday I decided to pass on the pampering and give our eldest “baby” a bit of looking after. Izzy has been rather neglected recently since we’ve been on holiday & so busy and she was supporting rather a bit too much of the “nobody loves me” dreadlock look. So after a really good bath, & a long overdue groom she is looking much more loved {and much happier!}. Only trouble is I had to cut her so short to get all the knots out. It’s rather cold here at the moment for such a short do, so there was only one thing for it…

Izzy & her new coat...

I’m not usually inclined to dress up my dog – but it’s a bit cold for a short cut & no jacket, so a quilted jacket it is. I’m really pleased with how it came out & it also came together really quickly, so I can see myself making a few more. The slowest part was making a pattern & even that wasn’t too taxing.

I’ve also been working hard at making my Pretty {little} pouch swap for round 2:

Pretty little pouch swap finished - front

Yes, I know… I swore that I was off swaps!!
…and I was – I promise!
Then miss sweet talking Kelly twisted my arm & promised to give me a good partner. Since this swap is so fun & not that time consuming I caved, and I’m glad I did. I had a lot of fun making this!

The back:

Pretty little pouch swap finished... the back
actually remembered to put on my of my labels for a change!!

I kind of just started playing around with scraps with a rough idea in my head but no real overall plan. But I couldn’t be more in love with the final result!
In fact I am going to have a REALLLLLLLLYYYYY hard time parting with this!

Especially as I made EVERY silly rooky mistake going while making it – like forgetting to open the zip halfway so I could turn it – and even at one point picking up both the front & the back together by accident and sewing them together with a decorative stitch – DOH – cue tears & rude mutterings!!
I lost count of how many times I had to un-pick sections of it and you know how much of a fan I am of that!!

Luckily it all ended well & if I do bring myself to give it away I’ll definitely have to make myself another one!

Pretty little pouch swap finished
The rainbowy goodness top…

Stats: 16 inches wide x 6 inches tall – so really on the large side. Plenty of room to store all her …. {haha that would be telling!}

Hope you’re having a lovely weekend too!

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  1. Izzy looks quite mod in her new jacket!

    L.O.V.E. the zippy pouch! It’s so fun & full of color. 😀 I can see where you will have a hard time sending it to your partner!

  2. The little doggy coat is very cute!! And your pouch is amazing!! I love its rainbow goodness, and the pink zip is extra cool! I can see why you’ll have a hard time giving it away.

  3. I just spotted this bag on Pinterest and wanted to tell you one thing. OK, 3 things.

    Oh … and did I mention …


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