Tuesday Tidbits…


**  I am having massive internet problems at the moment, so I apologize if I’m a little quiet at leaving comments over on any of your blogs… it’s not by choice!

**  Hopefully I will have it all resolved this week & will be going with a new provider!

**  I have been making yet more pouches (surprise surprise!)… I’m sure you’re all sick of seeing them by now but this is the latest attempt…

Lining & magnetic clasp

**  This time I wanted to try something new & make up a pattern with rounded corners, a flap & a magnetic clasp…

**  … at first I hated how it turned out, but now it has grown on me. It will be a really good size to carry around teabags for a tea-a-holic, or perhaps a pencil case…

**  I know exactly who it’ll be going to, but that would be telling 😉

**  I have been having a massive clean up of my sewing area & have decided that it’s time for a massive destash….

**  I have a huge amount of fabric which I bought when I first started sewing. I bought it all on sale not because I loved it, but because it was cheap & I had no stash…
… now I have a large(ish) stash it is time to accept that I really will not use this fabric. It’s not that it’s not nice, it’s just not me! Most of it I have kept a fat quarter of, but do not need to keep a whole metre which was the minimum cut!

**  So here is a photo of some of the nearly 50 fat quarters that I have to destash.
If you see anything of interest to you please make me an offer…

I’m open to swaps, or arrangements where you pay the postage etc… (I have paypal facilities through my shop)

basically I am just wanting this gone – so no offer is too silly!!

if you want me to email you a larger photo of any of it please quote the lot # and I will…
All lots are a minimum of 3 fat quarters – in some cases a half yard & 2 fat quarters…

**  Also please be aware that as part of my destash effort I am going to be starting a week of giveaways for my followers starting this Friday.
(It will be for my followers only though – because you guys rock & I really appreciate the support you give me!)

**  More will be revealed later in the week!

**  I have just discovered the world of sewing supplies on etsy

**  It is bad for me!

**  Lets just say that’s part of the reason for the destash… – I need to clear some room lol…

**  But now that I have ordered what I “needed” (like ahem 48 zips in a rainbow of colours & sizes for making more purses – oh brother!) I have put a self-enforced ban on browsing etsy!!

**  Because I have NO self control – it is best not to look!

**  At least it will be an exciting mail month 😉

**  Neil has taken the rest of the week off, so I am looking forward to some quality family time before he next goes away!

**  Linking up today with Fabric Tuesday

**  Right… back to sewing…


  1. Ha! Guess what I was doing yesterday? Got all my fabric out and wondered why I had so much fabric I hated. And I am going to get rid of it. Only difference between mine and yours is mine is really ugly. I mean really, really ugly! I made a similar mistake to you when I first started sewing only I went for these really good deals where you did a lucky dip by ordering 25 FQ for $25. I know why now. They were getting rid of the complete crap stuff and I fell for their ploy. Silly me! Fabric all over the floor here while I decide what stays and what goes.

  2. I think it’s a brilliant idea to advertise your stash if you’ve found bits you’ll never use. Someone may well love some of the lots you have on offer.

    I love that pouch. How hard was it to make? (Im bag and purse challenged to the max !)

  3. cute pouch! i used to really be into making little bags like this. now im obsessed with quilting, but i should take a minute to combine the two, like you have. it’s very cute!

  4. Good on you destashing…I am sure only so you can fill your shelves again..LOL!
    How great having Neil home for one more week and on holidays….have a lovely lovely time.

  5. now that is a lot of fabric to get rid of! it’s always nice to clear things out. it helps you to see all of the wonderful things that you have!

  6. Very cute purse and the magnetic clasp…I have yet to try that. I like lot 3 has anyone else laid claim to that one?? Would make some nice little pouches in my favourite colours 🙂

  7. Hi, I just popped over from Quiltstory. Love your blog. I read through your pouch tutorial for neat ends on the zipper from 7/22 it was great. I have been on a pouch bender myself and this will come in very handy. I’d love for you to visit my blog and see what I have done to personalize pouches. They are a huge hit. I’m selinaquilts.blogspot.com.

  8. Stopping by from Quiltstory, love your cute pouch! I’ve been having internet trouble too, hope it gets better soon. A new follower.

  9. Look at you having a big clean out…it’s only so you can indulge in getting more fabric isn’t it 🙂 🙂
    Love the shape of your new pouch and the colours are quite serene.


  10. I enjoyed your last post about goals. It is amazing what you’ve accomplished in such a short time. I had to chuckle about “follow through on a quilt along.” Maybe I should put that on my list, too:)

  11. I’ve been doing pretty good at working almost completely from my stash for a while….until today when I broke down & ordered some Pernilla’s Journey & some polka dots to go with it (only a yard & a half total tho’). sigh
    But at least I do have a plan for it – a runner for my Aunt. 😀

    Good luck on your de-stashing!

  12. Lol, You’re cracking me up!! I Soooo know where you’re coming from, oh the uglies I bought because they were cheap- Crazy!! I got hooked on Etsy for a while, there’s so much good stuff and you find really lovely sellers. I love your little flip top pouch. The tea cup on it is very cool! It looks like it would be good for sunglasses.

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