A scrap of fun…


I think I might be having a competition with myself this week to see how many totally corny blog titles I can come up with heh heh heh…

Do you keep your scraps?
I am a bit of a scrap hoarder! Any scrap of just about any size gets bagged away for future use. – I just can’t stand the thought of throwing away precious fabric!!

But I have to say that up until recently I haven’t actually used many of my scraps!! So the other week when Hannah asked if she could make a quilt with me (“well ok Hannah – twist my arm to sew if you must!”) I thought of a perfect use for my most precious colourful scraps….

We made bright, colourful, scrappy ticker-tape dolls quilts. One for Hannah & one for her friend Rebecca.
These are super easy! … You literally start by making a quilt sandwich but just put plain white on top. Then you add one scrap at a time, building it like a jigsaw puzzle & appliqueing them on one at a time (thereby quilting it as you go). You can zig zag applique them on if you want to avoid frayed edges, but we just free-motion raw-edge appliqued them on.

Easy! Fun! Effective!

I love the fact that no scrap is too small for this project! It’s also a great way to use up all those little extra binding scraps too – I just love me a little scrappy binding!

A close up:

They were a HUGE hit with both Hannah & Rebecca. And I had a great time making something completely brainless.

My (our) stitches weren’t perfect. Our edges weren’t straight.
 … How freeing it was to make something so imperfect & wonky!!!

Sadly though it didn’t even make the littlest dent in my scrap bin. So I feel a lot more scrappy fun projects coming up! I’m thinking maybe a little modge podge, a canvas & some more colourful scraps could be a fun activity for wall art for the girls bedroom next! Maybe the next rainy day when we’re stuck at home…

This week I have also been working on another project using scraps for my Project 52. It was about time that I got back on the Project 52 horse so I decided to set myself a steep (but fun) challenge to get back into the groove of it. I’ll show you the finished project next week after I gift it, but here is a little sneak peak…

As you can see, this scrap challenge was a little more high-intensive & required rather a lot more precision than the first!! I certainly set my sights high by attempting good old cathedral windows for the first time, but it went really well and I’m going to find it hard to part with the end result…

… more next week!


  1. “I love my doll, but best of all, I love my quilt that Hannah made” ~ Rebekah
    Thank you again for the gorgeous gift! We will treasure this special piece of Flutter.Kat. xx

  2. Love, love, LOVE those little Ticker Tapes!!
    I was thinking that something similar would be good to make for my almost-a-teenager great-niece. Hmmmmmm…..

    Looking forward to seeing your whole Cathedral Windows quilt – what a fabulous gift. 😀

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