Refreshing my goals…


    There once was a girl with grand visions
    which didn’t turn out quite how she envisioned
    She got off to a great start
    But shortly after had brain fart
    So the girl had to rethink her decision…

    At the beginning of the year I set myself some pretty huge crafty goals!!…

    I wanted to set myself the goal of finishing 52 projects in 52 weeks for 2 fundamental reasons…

         a) I wanted to make sure that I crafted a little bit every week (and day if possible) so that I stayed sane.
         b) I wanted to make sure that I was continuing to develop new skills & be adventurous

    Lately for a long time I’ve been feeling like I let Project 52 go a bit. I haven’t been very regular for the last couple of months at posting “show & tell Friday” because to be honest it’s been yet another thing that I just didn’t need to put pressure on myself about!

    But this weekend I’ve been reflecting on it in a bit more depth…
    I looked back at when I first started the year and holy moly I’ve come along in leaps & bounds in my sewing!! Not to toot my own trumpet too loudly or anything – but if you’d told me 6 months ago that by now I’d be able to sew a zipper so competently, make a cathedral window pillow, sew purses & bags without a pattern, foundation piece a couple of different blocks, and look at many quilting blocks & work out how to do them in my head… I’d have looked at you as if you were mad!!
    Then I look back to last April when I sat in front of a sewing machine for the first time since primary school (about 12 years old at school) and I think sheesh – how much I know now compared to then!!

    And I really have Project 52 to thank for all of that! (and obviously you lot, your wonderful tutorials & amazing support & encouragement that is!

    Looking at how far I’ve come just made me even more determined to keep pushing myself to learn even further!

    Therefore I’ve decided to rewrite my list of goals, checking off what I’ve learned since the beginning of the year & adding to it what I’d still like to learn in the coming months.

    I’m still going to think of it as Project 52 – but if I don’t post about something new every week then who cares. At the end of the day it’s all about the learning not the timeline! And the idea of this list is not to put pressure on myself, but rather give myself direction so all these ideas aren’t floating round in the crazy ethos that is my brain!!

    So here goes…
    This year thanks to Project 52 I have learned to…

    ** write my first tutorial & make scrapbook magnets
    **  cut vinyl with my Klic n Kut
    **  sew a zipper
    **  follow a pattern
    **  sew a buttonhole
    **  make a lined purse
    **  make a bag
    **  make up my own bag pattern
    **  make a self covered button
    **  use textile vinyl to make personalised t-shirts
    **  basic html & designing a website
    **  make personalised sublimation items (e.g. mousepads etc…)
    **  started a business & all the stuff that goes with it
    **  took part in a Doll Quilt Swap & made a doll quilt
    **  designed & applied vinyl wall art
    **  applied rhinestones
    **  made a sewing machine cover
    **  made a cathedral window pillow
    **  made a pinata

    Not a bad list of new stuff I’ve learned really!! I’m sure there must be more that I’ve forgotten too!

    So now the list of things that I’d still like to master have an attempt at… (in no particular order)

    **  paper pieced hexies
    **  foundation paper piecing a block
    **  designing and then making my own paper pieced block(s)
    **  learn some hand stitches
    **  learn some basic embroidery stitches
    **  actually utilize some handstitching and hand embroidery ON a couple of projects
    **  make a boxed zipper pouch (boxed at the top & bottom)
    **  make a bag with a zipper closure at the top
    **  become more competent with magnetic closures
    **  follow through with a quilt along
    **  learn some decent free motion quilting stitches
    **  sew a garment for myself
    **  design a clothing pattern
    **  challenge myself putting fabrics together with a totally crazy scrap quilt
    **  learn how to make a zipper that goes off the end of either side of a purse
    **  sew some clothes for my children
    **  learn how to run one of those linky party things – few ideas up my sleeve for that…
    **  piece circles
    **  hand piece
    **  turned applique
    **  journal cover

    And really I think that should be enough to work on for now!! Lets not get too carried away 🙂

    Although in saying that – do you have any fun things that you have on your “to learn” list that I might want to learn too?


    1. Heehee, love the poem!
      Even if you haven’t quite achieved what you originally set out to do, you have still accomplished so much, well done! You are an inspiration. xx

    2. You’ve done an amazing job girl! Well done.
      I love your poem too…..!

      Yes, I’ve got stuff on my to do/ to finish/ to accomplish list too.
      It will get done eventually!


    3. I love the idea of a list like this and you’ve done so well with crossing stuff off ! Way to go Kat.

      There are some things on your list that I should put on mine! You’ve got me thinking now….

    4. Hey Kat,

      It was because of you I also set myself a Project52 goal…one year, 52weeks, 52projects. I have project19 on the knitting needles at the moment, so I am 10projects behind…I am not disheartened tho, I KNOW that it is more than I would have completed without Project52 as a goal! I also know that my UFO pile is much smaller than it was, and I AM doing craft work EVERY day!!
      So thank you 🙂

    5. Wow you have achieved so much already. I think it’s a good idea to put down on paper a list of things you want to achieve.
      I need to think about what I would else I would like to do this year. I’ve already done a few things that I never thought I would do, like paper piece, sew a circle and hand piece curved seams etc.
      I think it’s great as a goal to have a list of things but when you put pressure on yourself to have to have it done, that’s when it all comes unstuck.

    6. Your blog is a perfect example of how too often we focus on what is left undone in our lives and not reflected on what we have accomplished!! Good for you!!

      Deb from

    7. I cannot believe how much you have learned in so short a time! Amazingly well done. And the list of things to come. I would wilt in face of a list like that. I admire your determination and skill.

    8. Great poem Kat! LOL
      Just LOOK at all those things on your “accomplished” list! Good on ya chica! (I know, mixed Aussie & Californian)
      I still want to get more comfortable with zippers & bag-making. I’m getting pretty good at reading & following crochet patterns now – at least for ‘string bags’ and arigurumi toys. 😀 I did some thread-painting last week & found it to be a lot of fun & much easier than I expected. And I’m stepping up & teaching a workshop for my quilt guild in October! Yikes! (First time on my own, having done one other with a friend.)

      Go us!!

    9. Well done accomplishing so much from your list. I have a similar list. It amazes me to think that a few short months ago I was scared of my sewing machine and now I am dreaming about buying an overlocker!
      I look forward to following your progress with this new list.

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