Pouch attempt 2…


Well I think I might have gone and got myself a little addicted to making pouches…
… They are so fun, so quick & so easy, not to mention that they only take such a small amount of fabric (I think that’s the part I like – it’s so much easier to cut into my favourite fabrics if I’m only using a teensy bit!!). So after having so much fun yesterday making the first pouch, I decided to make a second option for my swap partner & see which one she likes best….

Pretty little pouch option 2 - side 2

Well actually… probably a more accurate way of putting it is that I’ve grown a little too attached to the first one I made (doh!) so thought I’d peruse her favourites and set out to make one that she liked better {so that I could keep the other one}. Hey, at least I’m honest right LOL…

Pretty little pouch option 2 - side 1
The back/other front…

The trouble is… now I like this one too. Haha what am I like! I draw the line at making a 3rd attempt (which I will no doubt want to keep as well!) and will instead just offer her the pick of the 2. Either way I still will end up with a really useful pouch that I love.
I think I can see rather a lot more of these cute pouches in my future!
Guess what you’ll be getting for Christmas family & friends!!

And you’d think after all my mishaps yesterday I’d remember to open the zip halfway for turning right? I didn’t. Perhaps if I make another one it will be 3rd time lucky!


Right, off to sew something different before I get totally & utterly addicted. Or perhaps I should tidy up my sewing space first – because I have to say that making scrappy pouches is a M.E.S.S.Y business!

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  1. I love them both but if I had to choose I would go for the one you made yesterday. Unfortunately it isn’t me who gets to choose!

  2. I vote you make lots of pouches because its fun for us seeing what you come up with. This one is as beautiful as the other one, if I was your partner I couldn’t choose.

  3. Hi Kat! This is so wonderful pouch! And with your latest tutorial I want to make more pouches, too!
    x Teje

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