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Today I continued my pouch sewing frenzy (frenzy? – hmmmm…. at a loss for a better word…) & whipped up this pouch for a dear friend. She has been a little homesick recently, so I thought I’d surprise her (ahem – SURPRISE!!) with a little pouch to remind her of home…

The green feature print is a NZ print & it is of a NZ Pohutukawa tree….


The natural linen symbolises the natural landscape of NZ and reminds me of the shelly pebble beaches near where my friend comes from, or the dried natural tussock grasses around the inlet.

The zip tags & the lining are both green… the first colour I think of when I think of NZ.
(Well… other than blue for rain of course 😉 )

& hidden inside, appliqued to the lining, is another little secret NZ symbol that I’m sure will make her chuckle…

A “Gumboot” with NZ Maori designs on…
Aka… A Wellington boot….

Which also happens to be the name of the city that we both grew up in (Wellington that is – not Gumboot haha) (& yet we didn’t meet until we both moved to Perth – hmmm….)

So, Tammi…
You hinted earlier this week that you “needed” a new pouch, so here we go, this one’s for you hun.
Question is… will you read this before I see you at our Kiwi mums morning tea tomorrow? Haha… we’ll soon see won’t we 😀

And for anyone keen to make a zipper pouch similar to this I am halfway through writing up a tutorial for one.
I should have it finished & posted tomorrow.

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  1. Aww, that is absolutely gorgeous! I am sure Tammi will love it and the thought you have put into it 🙂

  2. Did she cry? Such a lovely pouch & all the special thought you put into it. :^)

    And YAY! A tute for the pouch! I might decide I need to get some more zippers now….

  3. Holy Moly Kat….this is gorgeous!!! You have brought tears of joy at the amount of thought you put into it….I was teasing you with that hint but will happily accept, love and treasure this my friend.
    Love you

  4. What a beautiful pouch! I love all the meaning behind it. The Wellington gum boot is such a great touch!! We’ve got one of those red flowering trees in our garden, I call it New Zealand Christmas Bush, do you know it as that? Your Kiwi Mums get together sounds great, that would help the home sickness.

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