A little bit of Ugly fun….


Last night I had possibly the most fun session of procrastination over the internet with a “bloggy friend” Susan from Canadian Abroad… It was laugh-out-loud funny & at one stage I actually disturbed a sleeping Hannah with my laughing!!
It turns out that we are both having a little destash session of our “ugly” fabrics this week… {a.k.a. those fabrics that we purchased early on, before we gained the wisdom to only buy fabric we truly like… not just fabric for the sake of it because it was cheap!}

… so for a little while over email we swapped photos of our “uglies” to see who possessed the most ugly fabric. Having seen me post this photo yesterday of my destash, a very cocky Susan thought she had it all sewn up… but she sooo didn’t. I had some secret weapons that there was no way were even being listed on my blog to be given away…
so I totally blew her out of the water!!

After seeing the following photo Susan quickly had to admit defeat…
Have you ever seen a fabric more ugly than this? Go on… beat me if you dare… I’d love to see you beat me!!

Disclaimer: I do not mean to cause offense with the photo!
– it is all in the name of some light hearted humour!

I would just like to state for the record that I did NOT purchase this fabric. It was sent to me as a “free gift” from an online shop for purchasing fabric there. I have to say that they are under grand disillusions if they think sending me this fabric was an incentive for me to repeat my business with them!! LOL….

After some further discussion with Susan we have come up with the perfect use for the fabric. Now Susan is just dying with excitement for me to send it her way (haha Susan, I jest I jest! LOL…) Ok, actually I promised Susan that I would not send this to her – she was very rude to me about it actually – saying that it would be a curse… but haha I don’t blame her!

Lets just say though that at some point in the near future you will see a return of this fabric on my blog in a project….
I’m sure of it!

In the meantime I am more than happy to take some of Susan’s “uglies” off her hands & send her some of mine in return. I think this may just be the first online “ugly fabric swap” ever. Shall we copyright the name Susan?
(Edited to add… I can’t believe some of the “ugly” fabrics that Susan is itching to give away and she doesn’t see anything wrong with most of mine either – just goes to show you that beauty is totally in the eye of the beholder!! and just goes to further prove my recent point that fabric swaps are the best things ever!!)

Do you have any “uglies” hiding away in your stash too… or do you exercise far more wisdom than me?

P.S – So what do you think Shay? You wanted to be the judge… I win right 😉


  1. I have waaay too many uglies. However, I have discovered that if you cut them up in small enough squares…and put them in scrap quilts, they fit right in. Kind of chameleon like. I don’t know how they do it! I think every real scrap quilt needs a few uglies…just because!!

    Deb from clutteredquilter.blogspot.com

    PS: I have also discovered that sometimes one person’s “ugly” is another person’s “that’s just the fabric I need!” It’s one of those “eye of the beholder” kind of things!!

  2. HAHA!!! You are too funny. And the more I see that fabric the more hideous it gets. Fantastic post. I want to see any links from people showing anything approaching that horrible piece of fabric.I truly believe even Shay can’t beat it.

  3. Oh No! I like your ugly fabric!! I’d love it as wallpaper for a feature wall, but then I dream about having lurid patterned Vegas carpet. My uglies are more washed out pastels.

  4. Is that fabric, or your great Aunt’s tapestry cushion??? 🙂

    Oh, and 4 & 8 were quite nice yesterday I thought….. But then again, anything red is nice to me!!


  5. You know Kat, I really really want to reserve judgement until Susan actually shows the ugliest of her uglies but hon, I seriously think there cant be much out there thats uglier than your hunk of fabric. You win!

  6. If only I was at home I could pull out a couple of real uglies. You’ll have to wait until next week. I’m not sure whether they would beat that though.

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